X-Men Part II: If you saw it, what did you think?

We loved it much more than the first one.

…And did you catch the “thing” in the water at the end?

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the cartoon is brought back

From yesterday.

From a few days ago.

I am REALLY hoping that “thing” is what I think it is…
also, i must reiterate:



We really enjoyed it. I agree, the thing is what the thing is.

yeah the movie was awesome and I did cry at that scene but seeing that “thing” makes me feel better

Can someone, using a spoiler box, tell me what they believe the “thing” was? Thanks in advance!

Forget it; I read the other thread.

If you’ve not yet gleaned this from another thread, Rilch, go ye and Google “X-Men+Phoenix”

All shall be made, well, sorta less murky.