X-word Puzzle Puzzler

Weird question. Tailor-made for the Dope.

I just finished a crossword puzzle (from a Washington Post book of puzzles) and one of the clues was “Brief speech”. The answer was WDS (no significance to uper/lower case). I checked the answers in the back after I completed the puzzle and sure enough, WDS is correct.

The clue has no abbreviation so I would expect no abbreviation in the answer. However, the puzzle is fairly difficult so I wouldn’t be surprised if they slipped an abbreviation in while I wasn’t looking.

Here’s my question: Does anyone have a clue (heh) what WDS is, given the clue “Brief speech”?

I’m guessing “brief” is the abbreviation indicator

My only guess is, it’s an abbreviation of “words”. Did the clue have a question mark after it (i.e., “Brief speech?”)?

I agree: speech = words, “brief” is a playful indication that it’s an abbreviation.

:smack:Thanks to all. Of course, it’s “words”. Christ, it’s a real handicap being a dumbass…