"X3" Trailer

Brett Ratner is the eighteenth worst director getting regular work in Hollywood.

On average, the director, the producer, and the editor are the most significant contributors to a film’s quality, in that order. The writer is lucky if his level of participation cracks the top five.

I thought the trailer looked fantastic. Massive destruction! Angel! Beast! What’s not to look forward to?

Hugh Jackman, Ian McCellan and Patrick Stewart are all still involved, so I’m confident I’ll like the movie, no matter who the director is.

( Did anyone else think the President looked like Palpatine?)

With Patrick and Ian, I could make a good trailer. As far as the movie goes…

Man, Famke Janssen has a nice butt.

It’s good that they’re keeping (apparently) the underlying parallel between mutants and homosexuality that Singer introduced in the first two. I’ll be happy to see it.

Singer introduced? That subtext has been around way longer than the movies.

Introduced in the movies, foolish pedant.

Oooh, naked shapeshifter table dance!

I am left speechless except for two words: Fastball. Special.

vibrates with excitement

It would make sense, except I can’t see it on my Mac. I’ll try again on my newer Mac, at home.

Doesn’t work on any PC or Mac that I’ve tried. scratches head

If you can’t see it, make sure you have Quicktime version 7 on your machine. 6.5 will not work. And you don’t need to get iTunes with it, there is a text link to a clean install of Quicktime on the Download page.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you need the newest, bestest (so they claim…) Quicktime.

If people still can’t get it working, i’m sure one of us who have seen it could…describe it for you, I guess.

As much as I detest Brett Ratner, I was really impressed by that trailer. It was the talk of the office in the afternoon, too - one guy cued it up on his computer, then had to replay it three or four times in a row as people kept coming over to watch it.

Here’s another hint. I had to right click and select ‘open this link’ for it to play.

Hmm…ok, in the start of the trailer, when they are walking towards us, who is that other girl on the right? The one in the middle is rogue, so I’m guessing it’s Shadow Cat. Which is funny, because it’s clearly not the same girl who played her in the last movie, who was alreay not the same girl who played her in the first movie.

And I see colossus on the left! Woo! There was not NEARLY enough of him in the second movie.

They’re .avi’s

Oh and in case those don’t work, you can find other links here

[IMDB registration required]

I’m wondering how Juggernaught will work. Will they go the full Gem of Cyttorack (sp?), or just make him some kind of uber mutant? I wouldn’t fault them for going the latter, since introducing magic into the movies could cause a lot of non-fans to groan out loud.