"X3" Trailer

Well, on the off chance that no one here’s talking about it yet, I just saw an “X3” movie teaser TV’s “Attack of the Show.”

Actually, I had the sound off, and wasn’t really watching it until it was maybe half-done, until I noticed what was playing. Wasn’t expecting it, actually.

Let me just say…

Holeeeey CRAP. :eek:

It’s online from the Apple site.

I can’t fucking wait.

There’s an IMDB movie trailer thread here. Pretty sure you now have to be signed in (with a free subscription to IMDB) to read it thought.
I’m really looking forward to the movie.

Just watching on the Apple site, it didn’t do anything impressive for me.

Wow! It has great potential, but could so easily go wrong.

Apparently I can’t type

Now silentgoldfish tells me they swapped directors. Not looking forward to it so much now.

Yeah, and not only have they swapped directors, they chose Brett “Rush Hour” Ratner.

My epectations are low, but hopeful.

Yeah, it’s too bad since Singer was good.

I’m going to try for unspoilage - but what plot will they be doing?


The trailer looks decent, but I’m cautious about getting very excited about this one. I’ve heard some things that sound exceedingly lame about the plot, but those could just be rumors. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Colour me a little skeptical but mostly hopeful, with a vague tint of excitement.

Kelsey Grammar will be voice-perfect for the part of Beast, and–well, hopefully, the makeup will look less fake in the actual movie…

I like Storm’s haircut. :slight_smile:

Nightcrawler won’t be in it, though… sniffle, sob

…But Rogue will :smiley:

Count me in as another so looking forward to this. 5 more months, though…:frowning:

Hey, I liked “Rush Hour”! :eek: :wink:

Trailer looks decent, though everyone knows trailers are as reliable as a politician’s promise.

Hmmmm. I’ve been unable to view the trailer. Dunno whether it’s my dinosaur computer or I just can’t get through for all the others viewing it ahead of me. :confused:

Broken Quicktime link, huh? I’m getting that, too. May have to wait a few days.

I was having that problem (on all three browsers). I downloaded the latest version of the Quicktime viewer and now it works just fine.

I couldn’t watch it until I updated Quicktime to version 7, which I’ve been purposely holding off doing. But I guess it was worth it to see this particular trailer.

It looks good to me. I wonder if they’ll give Dr. McCoy much backstory, i.e; how he got all blue & furry.

There’s a link to an avi on the imdb boards, I don’t have quicktime either.
Maybe I’ll scrounge it up later.

Just so you know, the director doesn’t generally write the script. I doubt will be seeing many Chris Tucker moments.

Trailer worked on my mac, but not on my PC. Seems to make sense…being an apple.com link.

Dr. McCoy: Excuse me, good sir, but do you, perchance, grasp the meaning of the utterance of sounds that are being expelled from my larnyx?