XBox 1 gets original xbox content

Backwards compatibility with original xbox titles starting in Sept. At least one of the first titles is going to be Crimson Skies.

Pretty cool. This is a small consolation for Deathrow never getting a follow-up.

I am getting so frustrated and angry that people ban people on Xbox guess what kids the world outside isn’t just going to change when you get on Xbox it’ll still be the same world as it is is outside now I know why kids grow up to not being able to handle being talked down to or stand up for themselves hmm I wonder why that is any guess here’s the answer Xbox is coddling the kids to where they don’t even learn anything about real life or how to stand up for themselves all they have do is when they hear something they don’t like report then baned I freaking can’t handle people like that grow the freak up kids. and if you don’t well you’ll have one hell of a life. In the real world there no report button there’s just you and there other guy you can’t run away from the problem either. Xbox you say this a user friendly and fun platform don’t make laugh user friendly more like ban friendly oh and fun more like see how many bans you can get just how many like you get on twitter get freaking rid of Xbox enforcement before I start enforcing you. You know why you lost so many Xbox players because of the freaking enforcement system that’s why I know there’s people who feel the way I do to so quite with the freaking Xbox enforcement before you start losing more Xbox players.

I’m pretty big on free speech, but the Xbox community does test my commitment. The vilest stuff I’ve heard has been playing random games with random people. I wouldn’t be sad if MS actually bricked the person’s system instead of just banning them.

Aside from that I’m excited I can play Azurik again.