Xbox: KotOR or Jedi Outcast? (help me out here spoofe)

Ok, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Jedi Outcast are both coming out this winter on the xbox. Having been left still hungry after the mediocre (at best) Star Wars: Obi Wan, I want to play another SW game. But there’s no way I’m gonna spend $100 on Star Wars games for myself at christmas time. So which one is going to be better? There’s gotta be a few of you out there that are way more into it than I am that can make some pretty educated guesses.

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Oh, it’s about games.

Well, let’s look at the two choices… JK2 is a pretty straightforward first-person shooter (I’ve beaten it on PC) with a LOT of really fun things in it. I would definitely recommend it as a game to anyone who likes FPS’s. Force powers are really cool, and the lightsaber is awesome as all hell… although the guns are a bit lackluster (it’s almost impossible to aim with some of them). The storyline is pretty cookie-cutter, though… your standard villain appears out of nowhere, acquires ultimate power, they have a supership with a secret weapon, yadda yadda yadda. The action of the game pretty much overcomes it, though.

Now, KotOR… an RPG. A bit different from a FPS. Personally, this is the game I’m going to get (but that’s because I’ve already beaten JK2). And, in my opinion, KotOR looks a LOT better than JK2 did, and the idea strikes my fancy a lot more. I’ve always wanted to see if they can create a SW game where you can actually go off and explore the “non-level” parts of the game, whereas JK2 is strictly linear.

My recommendation? I would work out a deal with a friend, where one of you buys KotOR and the other buys JK2, and you trade off. If that’s not possible, I’d pick up KotOR first, and then wait for JK2 to drop in price several months later.