Xena - Finale thoughts? (poss. spoilers)

Well - haven’t seen any threads on the subject of the final episode of Xena. Seems kinda strange. But anyway, any thoughts on the subject?

[ — Don’t read below you’re worried about spoilers — ]

As for me - I liked the episode, though I thought it was a little odd that the setting was completely different than every other episode (at least the ones I’ve seen). Wandering off to Japan (I believe?) when the bulk of the series was set in ancient Rome & Greece seems odd.

Also, I thought that the fact that she had to ‘stay dead’ was a bit cheezy too - not as cheezy as the Voyager finale - but still a bit contrived.

All in all, a good episode though.

I thought for sure they were going to resolve the whole Xena-and-Gabrielle-are-lesbian-lovers things, but I guess we’ll never know now. I can still fantasize about it though, can’t I? :smiley:

I was always kinda digging the thought of her and Ares together. The whole are they/aren’t they issue between her and Gabrielle was getting old. They even pretty much ruled it out in interviews, saying they weren’t, but then the eps gave a pretty different impression.