XFL- What do you guys think?

I’m a WWF fan ::ducking::. What can I say, I get a kick out of it. They announced last week a new football league. Any WWF fans? Football Fans? What do you guys think about it?
Personally, I think it sounds neat. Looking forward to the debut. Yes, I am very easily amused.
STAMFORD, CT (February 3, 2000) - World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. (NMS: WWFE) announced today the formation of the XFL - a new professional football league that is scheduled to kickoff in February 2001. The XFL is expected to launch with eight teams in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. Two additional teams will be announced at a later date.

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This should be addressed in the “Dumbing of America” thread in GD. WWF, and anything ever spawned by it takes away from the cumulative intelligence of everyone exposed to it.

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No offence, but I think I’ll just stick with my hockey…

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Ha ha ha ha ha. . . I’m going to puke.

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In the future…

There will be rollerball…

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WWF fan here. I personally don’t think the XFL is gonna fly. Although the WWF is awesome, and Vince McMahon a genius, this is not one of the brightest moves. The XFL has, ahead of it, a lot of making up to do because it has to accomodate for the reputation of the WWF. The XFL will have to take itself extremely seriously for the first few years to be taken seriously by professional sports writers and players.

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I’m with ya…I’ll watch it. Come on over to my house- we’ll drink beer, eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor, and high five!

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All I’m saying is that the XFL is going to be one of my picks for next year’s Celebrity Deathpool.

I’m actually not a “rasslin’” fan, but from what I hear, the XFL might be pretty cool.

I hear it isn’t going to be scripted, and with the NFL’s overzealousness to make everything as bland and vanilla as possible (players get fined for taking their helmets off now on the field), the XFL would appear to fill a niche for over-the-top antics.

Like Great American Thinker Bobcat Goldthwait once said, “This is either going to be really cool, or it’s going to suck.”

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I don’t think Vince McMahon really cares one way or the other if the XFL flies. He’s getting tons of free press! He’ll pick up a few billion in advertising dollars the first year. If it doesn’t fly, then he’ll get a ton more free press that will keep people interested in “Professional Sports Entertainment” aka Wrestling.


Okay, I am a wrestling fan, but I don’t think this will fly. The reason being that McMahon said that only the NFL will have higher salaries. This means that the wrestlers are getting shafted. The football players will have benifits and an offseason and probably a union. Wrestlers get none of this. Plus if McMahon dumps so much money into it, and it fails he might not have enough for the WWF. Yeah I know he has gobs of money and can market anything, but I’m skeptical. I enjoy all sports, so I will probably watch anyways.

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Honestly, my first thought was that Los Angeles is getting a team. I personally think a second league would be pretty cool. Most likely will sink though.

I dunno. While I like the idea of concealed claymores strewn about the field, I think changing their location at halftime is just mean. I also like the idea of using mortar launchers for field goals. I can just hear the interviews now “Jim, I’m down here on the field with Bob “One Arm” Johnson, the first man to successfully block a field goal in the XFL…”.

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Anyone think he can make Football dumber and more misogynistic than it already is??

Worst idea I’ve heard in a long LOOOOONG time. Usfl anyone??


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< as VB wipes the barf off his chin >

Sports in general basically sucks to start with.
( I was not the most coordinated kid in the world, but damnit, I tried, and still ended up warming the bench every frimpin’ game; So, how’dya expect me to feel?!)

This just tells me there are a whooole lotta people out there who have way to much time on their hands!


I could never eat a mouse raw…their little feet are probably real cold going down. :rolleyes: