xjetgirlx totally rules.

I needed an opinion, and she offered help. I declined, and she helped anyway. And she gave great advice to boot!

My conclusion: xjetgirlx totally rules.

This message of praise brought to you by,

js_dopers are the best_africanus.

And she’s really Hot when she dresses up as a Pirate, too! ARRRR! :smiley: :wink: :smiley:

Sept. 19[sup]th[/sup] is approachig!

BTW, before any pervs chime in, it was for work—displaying data intuitively so that politicians could understand them—and not for whatever it is that pervs think about.

Indeed she does.

She’s listened to me whine more often than I’d care to admit and has given me sound advice numerous times.

She’s one of my favorite people on the boards.

I hope the hurricane doesn’t beat her up too badly.