XM Radio Receivers

It seems that XM Radio is being marketed mostly towards the car stereo market, but I want to get an XM receiver for my home to hook up to my existing stereo. I figure it’s worth paying for commercial free music since the local radio here sucks.

However, I can’t find XM receiver components for a home stereo. I looked here, but the only things listed were car stereo units.

So, do any XM receivers exist that I can patch into my existing stereo with Ye Olde RCA Cables?

You were looking in the wrong place. You should have been looking at XM Receivers. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see Sony’s home kit. To quote the site: “The Sony DRN-XM01H lets you receive XM Satellite Radio over almost any home stereo using AUX or TAPE inputs.”

Actually, I think the same receiver unit (the silver-and-blue bit) can be used to for both car and home use; you’d buy a kit for home and a kit for your car and just transfer the receiver between them. Don’t quote me on that, though.