Xootr or no-name kick scooter for commuting?

My daily commute to work is about 1.5 miles away, and sometimes I feel like I can walk to work faster than taking the bus. You know, excercise and all that, but walking is kinda slow and… well, boring.

So, how about a kick scooter? And if a scooter, then what kind? I can get a Xootr scooter (supposedly one of the best around) for $300, but then I could also get a no-name China brand scooter for $50.
Any tips on picking scooters? Any hidden dangers/things I should look out for?

I’d walk along your intended route first, before you buy a scooter - it shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes there and back, unless the traffic is bad.

Apart from obvious things like uneven paving, you should check for brick paving where the front wheel might get caught in the gap, or anywhere that you get algae growing on the path in winter. Boring is better than face-planting when the front wheel stops moving and you don’t, or having the scooter slide out from under you.

Why not use a bicycle? You will cut the commute to minutes and likely won’t even break a sweat.

They’re the original. They’re the best.
Lots of choices, a warranty you can count on (unlike your Chinese import),
portable, easy.

We have several and love them all.

Check your local laws to make sure it’s a legal option.

Or, get a bike!

I used to have a Xootr. It’s pretty nice as far as kick scooters go, but it still has small, solid (not air-filled) wheels. It rolls nicely on smooth concrete, but not ideal for real-world sidewalks. The Kickbike, on the other hand, has regular bicycle tires and rolls much better. It does take more storage space though, and still not as fast or easy as a regular bicycle.