Just got a Xootr

I know the scooter craze is over, but it means that you can get the previously $300 Xootr scooter for $80 from Sharper Image. I just got one and it’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time! It’s far better than the cheap toy scooters (Razor and all that) - very solid and well built. It’s more solid than my Dahon folding bike. The CNC machined deck is clearly an overkill but it looks very high-tech. I can almost keep up with people riding shopping bikes. Great way to excercise - low impact and all that.

Now I want a Kickbike!

Now, this will only reinforce your feeling that scooters are over, but my nine-year-old desperately wants one. Some people have told me to scour garage sales and the flea market (although the percentage of merchandise there that was probably stolen makes me shy away from it) and others have told me, no, go to Wal-Mart or Target and buy a new cheap one. What do you think would be the best (and cheapest) option?

Sorry InternetLegend, I’m not sure what to suggest since I don’t live in the US and don’t know the market well.

My Xootr is completely different from the run-of-the-mill scooters like the Razor. The wheel diameter is at least twice that of the Razor, and rolls well on real roads and sidewalks. I just came back from a 4-mile ride and there were only a few places where I had to get off and push. It has a front brake, and the rear wheel is exposed so you can rub your sole against it and use it as a rear brake. It’s probably twice the weight of a Razor, and somewhat longer and taller as well. It’s definitely designed for adults, but your nine–year old can probably ride it too. For $80 it’s an incredibly well-built piece of equipment.

The kickbike I mentioned above rides even better, or so I hear. No surprise, since it uses pneumatic bicycle tires.

Had my first fall on the Xootr! Entirely my fault - I was going too fast, and tried to do the “switch legs without stopping” trick which looks a lot easier than it is. Got the worst road rash in years, but it doesn’t seem too deep. Oh well.

Didn’t this happen to someone else recently? Brag about - I mean, talk enthusiastically about a new bike and get hurt? Hmm…