XP, IE 6.0 question


My sister emailed me a really cool picture of hurricane Isabell. I opened it from my Yahoo email account, and it opened in “Windows Picture and Fax veiwer”, which I do not recall ever using before. So I’m checking out the picture, and I notice on the bottom there are left and right arrows, so I click on one of them, and I get a new image. The first appears to be a button that say’s enter, but then the next few are, ahem, photos of a mature nature from web sites that I have recently visited. Now, I’m no sicko or anything, but I have gone to porn sites from time to time, and apparently, some of these images are on my hard drive or otherwise accessable from the Widows Picture and Fax veiwer. I cleared out my history on IE, and I deleted all temporary internet files, but they still come up. The odd thing is, I went back and looked again, and I got different images, and some of the same images in a different order.

My concern is that my 12 year old son occasionally uses my email account, as does my wife, and I can just see either of them opening an emailed photo, and clicking on arrows. It would not be pretty.

Anybody know how I can get rid of these images?


BTW, I’m using IE6.0