Y2K bug?

Today’s Mailbag answer lists the date at
the top as 1900-01-03. So, did Cecil get bit by the Y2K bug or are you folks just pulling our collective legs?


Sadly, it’s the Y2K bug itself. The computing staff have been notified. Fortunately, there don’t seem to be any repercussions other than a rather antique date for the Mailbag question.

Unless, of course, the who3le po6sti98ng sys098tem g43o3es cr802ac989ker932s.

Might want to change your copyright messages too. You haven’t copyrighted anything in 2000 yet! I don’t suppose we can assume this is in the public domain, can we???


It’s copyrighted whether or you they put the copyright notice on it. Copyright notices just waste bandwidth, just like the useless “References available upon request” line on most entry-level resumes.