Ya know, I'm sick of travelling... y'all can come up HERE for a change (PA Dopefest)

No, seriously. I’m not that sick of travelling, and Lord knows I love it down there, but really. Y’all need to come up and experience Scenic Central Pennsylvania. (Most of the snow is gone, honest!)

There’s a lot to do here, and most of it is pretty family-friendly. We have Amish country, a whole town devoted to the Almighty Chocolate, and museums in Harrisburg. Not to mention Gettysburg.

So, who wants to brave the wilds north of the Mason-Dixon line?

Any weekend is good for me except next weekend, when I’ll be chaperoning a HS field trip.


Your not that far from where we are, MsRobyn. About four hours or so, if memory serves (and it doesn’t always:)). I’d love to come, if it works with my schedule.

I’ve actually never been to Hershey.

Perhaps in a month or so when the weather’s a little more reliably nice? Road trip!

i’m in harrisburg, of course i had to get away to south carolina last week to play golf but the weather is improving (only snow still around is parking lot snow piles) and april/may is a great time for the car shows , battlefields, hershey, and lancaster, let me know what your interests are and we can find something for you

If we can find a way to get out there, you know we’d love to come see you guys. I’ll even bring the Grey Goose! :smiley:

Hey, if I can work it into my schedule, I’m there. But you all know how that is by now. :slight_smile:
grumble stupidworkingthreeweekendsamonth… grumble

Yay! A sixth Doper living in Central PA! (Six that I know about, anyway.)

Welcome to the SDMB, barrum. Hope to see you at our little soiree.


Well, I guess I could force myself to leave Dauphin County and cross over to the <gasp> West Shore to join youses. :wink:

You know I’m in.

I’m looking at coming down to Central PA sometime in the next month or so, and I’d be interested in joining in for some Dope activities.

Count me in-numerous places come to mind. I’ll help if you like MsRobyn. :smiley:

After travelling eight hours to SugarDope this weekend, a Central PA DopeFest is well within reach for me. (More to the point, my parents live in York, so I travel down there a lot.) Put me down as “interested”…

Jeez, I just spent the entire weekend in Lancaster.

I didn’t see you around, though.

Eh. Central PA is a big place. (I live in Cumberland County.)

Any suggested dates?


I’m halfway between Philly and Harrisburg, in Reading. I travel to York and Lancaster all the time.

I like the idea of a Gettysdope. We could eat at General Pickett’s Buffet, right across the pike from the Cyclorama, and those inclined could hang around for one of the ghost tours.

A Hersheypark-dopefest would be my second choice. I was up on Blue Mountain in my Army days, and that’s the closest I have been to the park. Seeing the park through a rangefinder is nowhere close to being there.

I’ll keep an eye on what transpires here.

If the idea of a Hersheypark Fest is acceptable, they have Springtime in the Park. Those not inclined to do this have the option of Chocolate World, Hershey Gardens, and some other stuff, and we can always meet for lunch after.


You know, I haven’t been to Hershey or Gettysburg since I was a kid. I’m interested, and, if anyone from Pittsburgh is interested in carpooling, I can carry four people.


Now ya done it you’ve gone and made me homesick:(

I am from a little town right in Central PA (Bellefonte)

I think I will go call my Grandma, that always makes me feel better:D

Springtime in the Park looks like fun – that’s Easter weekend, for those for whom it would make a difference. I’ve already put in to take that Friday off – how crowded would it get on the Saturday, do you think?

I am so in for Hershey Park. I love rides, now all I have to do is find soe one to ride them with me! I know for sure I can’t do it, this weekend, the next weekend or the weekend after that.