Yahoo Messenger Being a Bigger Bitch Than Usual

Why the fuck can I not sign into YM when it’s late at night? As of right now (midnight), when I attempt to sign in, it just loads and loads and loads then says “Please click ‘Try Again’ to re-enter your ID and password” Repeat ad nauseam.

When just four hours ago I was able to sign in instantly. This has been going on for days, what the fuck?

And yes, I know I can use or just be in from my Yahoo inbox, but those of those can lick my hairy nutsack, crazy ass bitches. Neither of thsoe compare to the true Yahoo Messenger.

Little help?

Presumably the authentication server is a bit dickey.

I use Trillian, and occasionally have trouble logging into either ICQ or MSN. It’s just one of those inconveniences that we all have to bear, in this massively complicated virtual world we call the internet.

For reference, I still am getting the same message, an hour later. Yahoo is lucky I can’t give it a taste of the back of my hand, because boy would they get acquainted real well.

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I use Pidgin on Linux and recently had had similar issues. In searching for the problem and resolution (HINT!) I found that yahoo apparently modified the authentication protocol and corresponding server dns entry.

Maybe this is related.

Do you have the latest version? Do you have the latest address for the authentication server in the options for your account?

Google is usually the best way to resolve stuff like this - someone somewhere has had the same problem, and someone will have found a solution or workaround.

I have version 9. Remember, it only happens at night though. I’m signed in right now actually and have been for about 30 minutes.

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I have to re-login every time I check emails.

I used Yahoo Messenger just to alert me when new emails come in. As for getting the normal interface to work… I tried to log in 6 hours ago. I’m getting my email alerts from Messenger, but otherwise the application has just been spinning, my log in is incomplete, so all other aspects of the application are unusable.

This has been the case for at least two weeks, possibly three.

All abooooaaaaard the traveling thread!

Also if you use firefox this might work better for checking your email:

Yahoo has been having monetary problems, so I understand the authentication failures. But it’s kinda a catch-22, as lower revenue begats poorer service begats less customers begats lower revenue.

Still, I’d try using another program that can also handle Yahoo! Messenger, and see if the problem is with the server or the application. If you can get on with the webclient, then the problem is the app. Are there other versions or programs you can use that have all the features you want?

To expand on not_alice’s answer:
The problem with Pidgin on Linux lay in the DNS record for Yahoo’s login server not being set up properly.

If at all possible, try to change the login server to its bare IP (You can find it by pinging it in the command prompt).

Google Talk is the next best IM program in my opinion. It’s biggest problem is that all the friends I talk to on Yahoo are too close-minded to give GT a try. I also talk to more people on Yahoo, so it’s still the #1 IM thing that I use.

Does it matter that I’m not using Pidgin or Linux?

And thanks for everyone’s replies.

Again, it’s only at night as I’m signed currently signed in. Why would this only happen at night?