Yahoo News profiling possible Rep VP's

They are giving very balanced profiles of the possible VP candidates. Pros and Cons. How they might fit with Trump’s plans

They profiled Gov Mike Pence today. Someone I knew nothing about. He sounds very interesting. Better than the other choices I’ve heard lately.

This same article has links to 7 other profiles of possible VP candidates.

Trump has said he wants someone experienced that can help get legislation passed. I’d be surprised if he selects anyone unknown. Like a former general. I think Yahoo News list will be pretty accurate

Donald Trump prpositioning possible VP candidates:
“Hey, who wants their career ruined?”

Funny, but I disagree. Any Trump VP becomes POTUS before May, 2017.

I’ll feel better if someone with legislative experience runs with Trump.

If by some chance he wins. It’s in everyone’s best interest to have a steady hand as VP. Trump will need their advice.

538 discusses the Veep choices:

Pence is middling and running a tough campaign for reelection in Indiana. The short list currently includes the following: [INDENT][INDENT]
Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana;
Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey;
Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House;
Mike Flynn, retired lieutenant general in the U.S. Army;
[/INDENT][/INDENT] The long list includes Ivanka Trump, Ben Carson, Stanley McChrystal, myself, and a range of flaming dumpsters.

Like retired General McChrystal, I am not interested and have not been contacted by the Trump campaign.

Michael Flynn is interesting. All that bitching about Obama’s inner disloyalty and now their nominee is considering running with someone on the payroll of the Kremlin’s propaganda wing.

Flynn makes the most sense for Trump.

If Trump were elected, I agree. But that is a very big IF. Not gonna happen.

Why, because they are both pro-choice, or because they’re both generally discredited, yet high-profile individuals?