Who will Trump pick for VP?

Will he decide to pick a non-politician? Let’s say he decides to pick a non politician with business/media savvy and high name recognition. Would he consider Kim Kardashian? The sad thing is I’m mostly serious. It could potentially alienate some of his current supporters so perhaps not.

I wonder if Christie has come out for Trump in the hopes that he’ll be the VP pick. He (Christie) could be thinking that there’s no way Trump survives without doing something impeachable and this is his path to the White House.

IIRC, he’s stated that he wants a politician for his running mate. He hasn’t named any names yet, but that’s certainly what Christie is hoping for.

Insofar as Trump has any actual political message, it is mainly about immigration and protectionism – he does not need a running mate who is known for the same positions on those issues, but he does need one who is not known to have taken any different positions – and any Pub Congresscritter might well be compromised on one point or the other – so Christie, as a state governor who has no occasion to deal with such matters, is probably the safest choice.

OTOH, that would be a two-oaf ticket . . . perhaps some better balance is required.

My thought from the other veep thread:

What about the possibility of Trump channeling Apollo Creed and picking up an unknown but highly charismatic, intelligent, and informed woman combat veteran born in the 1980’s? When Hillary asserts her foreign policy experience, the young veep attack dog could strike back: “Mrs Clinton says she landed under sniper fire once, which doesn’t even seem to be true, I don’t know anything about that, but what I can tell you is that when I was in Iraq I WAS the sniper, and Al Qaeda was afraid of ME, not the other way around.”

An announcement of an unknown would rock the news cycle for weeks, very Trumpy.

Sanders. :smiley:

Come to think of it, Trump-Sanders is probably the only conceivable ticket that could beat Hillary.

I suppose Mitt Romney is out of the running now.

Trump is dissing Christie left and right, treating him like a nuisance in front of big crowds.

Christie sold his soul to the Devil and is getting nuttin’ for it. Serves him right. Trump hates weakness, and capitulation to Trump IS weakness.

Trump sold his soul too. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense. And now the Devil is going, “What have I done and how do I get out of this?!”

Jeff Sessions:

  • four-term Senator
  • early supporter of Trump
  • currently the only Senator to have officially endorsed Trump
  • praises Trump’s immigration plans
  • has supported the use of torture
  • as ranking Republican on the judiciary committee, opposed both Obama SCOTUS nominees
  • has experience as a US attorney and as Attorney General of Alabama
  • in the 1980s, was nominated as a District Court judge but failed to be confirmed when his colleagues testified that he was a racist dick
  • today Trump picked him to chair the campaign’s national security advisory committee

I think he’d make a perfectly acceptable Reichsleiter.

Is he expressly prohibited from choosing himself?

Whoever is the American political equivalent of Dmitri Medvedev. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bush, pere, picked Dan Quayle, and people called it “assassination insurance.” Is anyone like that available? Useless enough to keep the guns holstered, but bland enough not to ding the ticket (the way Sarah Palin did to McCain)?

Reince Priebus.

I just assumed he’d pick one of his kids.

Sarah Palin.

Dan Quayle could serve again.

Kasich - 50%
Christie - 25%
Scott Brown - 25%