yahoo password question

Whenever i’ve gone to check my mail on my yahoo account recently. My computer fills in some wrong 7 letter password for me. And every time, i have to delete this password and type in my real password. I’ve tried saving my password but it doesn’t help. It doesn’t do this to anyone else who uses this computer, or for any other password sites but yahoo. Why is it doing this? (virus scans come up negative) and how can i stop it. Thanks…

Find the cookie for that website and delete it. Next time you go to the site it should be blank. So re-enter in all your info and save it. Chances are, you typed it in wrong the first time, and that’s what it’s remembering.

I deleted every cookie in my computer, but it didn’t help. Now instead of displaying my username it puts my zip code into that field and the same password it usually puts in. Then I remembered that this whole problem first started when we got a DSL connectionl. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

disable the autofill option in internet explorer. autocomplete.

that should fix the problem. the computer sometimes fills in the wrong stuff. disable this and reenable this later.