Yahoo! Uh-oh

Go to Yahoo! Notice the “Trending Now” list. Click on Steve McQueen. Notice anything weird?

It’s not displaying, but I assume they’re referring to the film director, not the actor. If so, that’s not particularly weird; the director has been in the news recently.

That’s true. But if Yahoo! PTB were wanting the “Trending Now” list to provide easy access to those people or topics, you’d (at least I’d) expect them to link to the appropriate page(s).

Not worth a comment to Yahoo! but I did think it was weird. Or maybe funny.

Well, it’s all algorithm-based, surely. McQueen the director is generating lots of hits on twitter and such, so he shows up on the list. But when their search engine automatically goes and grabs a picture to link to, there are way more hits for the actor floating about the web, so that’s what it finds. I expect they will improve the matching algorithm after this.

Let’s hope. Somebody must have bitched between the time of my post and when I checked the “Trending Now” list a few minutes later. Poof!