Yankees 20; Tampa Bay 11

Holy Mackerel!!!

I was kind of checking in on this game, having turned it off on the TV in disgust after the Bronx Bombers were down 5 -1, then 7 - 2, then 10 - 2.

Looked in on the 8th inning on Yahoo Sports. Yikes! They’re up 13 to 11! So I go turn the TV back on, to find that they’re now up 15 - 11, and watch in amazement as they tack on another 5 runs. Floored. I mean, well, it IS only Tampa Bay, but still…

BTW, does anyone know what the record for the highest-scoring game in MLB is? I’m sure the sportscasters related this at some point during the inning, but I didn’t hear it.

I remember the Red Sox once beat the Devil Rays a couple years ago by a score of 23-2 or something like that. The Indians beat the Yankees last year 22-0 or some other rediculous score. I doubt those are the highest, though.

Pfft. That’s still close, as far as I’m concerned. :smiley:

I also wonder what the record is for the most runs scored by 2 teams combined.

Oh, but you had fun, right, and that’s the important thing, isn’t it? It’s not?

Kind of used to it.

Didn’t the Cubs and Phillies play a 24-22 game in the late 70’s? Relying on memory.

That Cubs-Phillies game was a doozy. I was in grad school at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business and would leave for a class with the Cubs on the short end of an 11-5 socre – then come back to find them up – then complete yet another class to find them behind 21-17. It was a donnybrook, and all at Wrigley IIRC.

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The local sports pundits don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this one. Anyway, it can’t be good for the Yankees when the Big Unit gives up that many runs to the lowly Devil Rays, regardless of the final outcome.
And NY is stil our bitch (6-3?) this year, even if no one else is.

Especially since this afternoon the so-called “lowly” Devil Rays won 5 - 3.

I am beginning to think there is a new curse of the Bambino since talk has begun about replacing Yankee Stadium. Gonna stop playing in the House that Ruth Built? Fine. Yer gonna stop winning World Serieses then.

The really weird part: This is the second time this season the Yankees have scored 13 runs on TB in an inning. I keep feeling sorrier and sorrier for Lou.

I don’t. I think Lou is despicable for leaving one reliever out to dry. Harper was left in to give up thirteen runs. He clearly had nothing and Lou just left him out there to embarass himself. He clearly despises his team and this is all about getting out of Tampa with a decent severance package.

It’s not like Lou had a ton of other options… he had already used two other relievers because the starter didn’t go that far, there’s no way it’s worth putting Carter or Baez into that (his only two halfway reliable relievers, who he has to save for games that are winnable, and who pitched the 8th and 9th yesterday in the win), the TB starters tend not to pitch too deep into games as a rule… with only the two outs left in the game I think it’s better to let Harper take it.

26 runs is the most any MLB team has scored in a game in the modern era (post-1900).

Last year the Tigers beat the Royals 26-5.

In 1911, the Reds beat Boston’s NL team 26-3

In 1979 the Phils beat the Cubs 23-22, which I believe is the record for most runs combined.

First, he doesn’t despise his team. He despises Ownership/General Management. With good reason. Second, I really don’t believe he did this to embarass the pitcher or show up Ownership. He really just had no one else to put in. He might have gotten careless and a bad attitude, but not malicious.

What’s more remarkable about the Yankee - Tampa Bay game is that both teams had 8-run leads in the same game. Anyone know when THAT last happened?

Looks like *that * ChiPhil game isn’t it…
Most In A Game By Both Teams
AL Boston 22 vs Philadelphia 14
NL Chicago 26 vs Philadelphia 23

Most In A Game By One Team
AL Boston 29 vs St. Louis 4
Chicago 29 vs Kansas City 6

NL Chicago 36 vs Louisville 7

Well, I lost some credibility with The Big Cheese’s refutation of the “facts” I previously posted, but I did find the answer to the above question, for what it’s worth:

On May 7, 1999 at Jacobs Field, The Indians trailed the Devil Rays 10-2 going into the bottom of the sixth inning. They scored four in that inning to make it 10-6. The Rays scored one in the top of the 7th to make it 11-6. The Indians scored 7 in the bottom of the seventh and again in the bottom of the eighth. Final score: Indians 20, Rays 11.

You can find the box score at retrosheet.org.

Maybe a better question, then, is when’s the last time that happened in a game not involving the Devil Rays.

Oh, and the D-Rays whipped the Yankees again yesterday. Who’s your daddy now, biotch? :slight_smile:

Wow, same score. Now that’s amazing.

Speaking of “who’s your daddy?” the Mets are up 4 - 1 on the Yankees right now, with Pedro pitching.