Yarnie Dopers - Best way to Destash Yarn for Money?

I desperately need to destash, and NOT replace the yarn I get rid of with new yarns, since the purpose of this is to not have to move so much yarn across the country.

I’d like to get rid of about half of what I have, which currently is about 2 coffin-sized bins (not including notions & whatever yarns are just being stored in various knitting bags). Would ebay be worth it? Craigslist? I know you can put stuff up for destashing on Ravelry, but I just want to post it somewhere and get rid of it, not wait for someone to come searching for a specific yarn that I happen to have.

Any ideas? Most of the stuff I’ll be getting rid of is decent quality, all natural fibers and decent brands, though I have a few skeins of Caron that’ll probably go, too.

My GF had this exact problem. We took it to a flea market and a craft show on separate weekends. Between the two of them it was gone pretty quickly; even turned a decent profit.

I’ve had good luck selling yarn on eBay. It needs to be high-quality or otherwise desirable (Colinette, etc.), though.

Um, I have to say I’d definitely be interested in some! So my answer is to PM me with what you have and what you’d want to sell it for.

And yes, I am serious!

I’m doing inventory this weekend, so I’ll let you know Sunday or Monday!

Take pictures and try craigslist. I would say I’d be interested…but I have too much yarn as it is.

Although, if you have any of the bamboo yarn, I’ve been wanting to use some of that…

You may also want to see if anyone is having a yard sale. I’ve bought yarn at yardsales before, usually for $1-$2 per skein, so if that’s not your price range, then I’d say try Craiglist, and post decent images.

You could try posting on one of the detash boards on Ravelry. If you put it up in lots, it will probably go quicker than just selling individually from your stash page. How much are you trying to make from this? Anything trendy will get a better price on Rav, but with craigslist you won’t have to deal with shipping anything.

Spoken like a true yarnie.

Jenny! Jenny Linsky!
Sorry, I just like your name a lot. :slight_smile:

Want! ! ! But I’m decluttering . . .


WANT! ! ! ! !

We’re out in Lake Saint Louis. If it’s nice stuff my wife will probably take most of it at a decent price. PM me.

Excuse you! I posted first! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just happen to live 20-ish minutes from the OP.

And if you want to drive down from Detroit, help yourself. I’ll even give you a head start. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeez, who knew knitters could be so competitive??
Yes, I’m kidding.

Dude, don’t you try to get this yarn from under me! I have knitpicks needles and they have really pointy tips! :stuck_out_tongue:


No fighting! Believe me, I have plenty to go around.

Here’s the pics of what I have - some is already wound into balls, most is still on the skein, and I may have more than this:

I tried to get the colors as close to real life as possible, and they look good to me on my computer, but different screens and all.

That PureLuxury Alpaca, is that (cut and pasted from Ravelry):

Pure Luxury discontinued Brand
Cottage IndustryWeight Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi) Yardage
99 yards (91 meters) Unit weight
50 grams (1.76 ounces)Gauge
19.0 - 21.0 = 4 inches Needle size
US 7 / 4.5 mm Fibers
Alpaca This yarn is organic

How many skeins are there, are they the same dyelot, and it looks like it’s a heathery charcoal grey? How much are you asking? :slight_smile:

Same stuff! There are 20 skeins total, 10 are wound into balls, the rest are still in their little original package. They’re all the same lot, and are indeed a dark heathery charcoal gray.

However, to warn you - it’s really a lighter guage than this description says (and it’s the same as on the label!). I’d count on it being closer to 25 stitches/4 inches, and on a US 4-5. It’s very nice, but much finer than I expected when I bought it, sight unseen.

IIRC, I paid about $50 for it (on sale, couldn’t resist!), so I’d take $25 plus shipping.

:eek: If zweisamkeit decides she’s not interested, I’ll take it!

Could you tell us about the Malabrigo? Weight, yardage, cost?

Sold!! :smiley:

I’ll wait a bit and see what others want before hogging anything else. :smiley: