Ok, I am almost positive that this has been covered before (I may have even been the one who asked about it), but I can’t find it in the archives, so. . .
I have a problem with my eyes filling up with tears everytime I yawn. I know I can’t be the only one with this trouble, but I really look like I’m crying. It’s really bad; I’ve had professors stop mid-lecture to see if I was ok. Does anybody know anything I can do to stop this, or even reduce this extreme amount of saltwater pouring from my eyes? Also, if you know what causes this, I’d be interested in that, too. Thanks


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Never heard of the problem. . .but maybe if you had a professor who was a little more interesting, so that you didn’t yawn. . .


Great, now I feel like a freak! :slight_smile: Thanks, NanoByte


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Hello Cessandra
No your are NOT a “freak” I also tend to produce excessive tears during a yawn.
Try getting more sleep,it helps.
t lion

See if you can get your doctor to put you on clomipramine. It may not address your current symptoms but it could take your mind off them!

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Well I sometimes have a similar problem, but it doesn’t sound as extreme as yours. I wear contacts, and they make my eyes more light sensitive. Sometimes, when I’m in a really bright room (lots of white or light colors) my eyes begin to get teary and I almost have to squint. This is almost purely psychological though, because it only happens when I start to notice how bright it is. It never gets to the point where I actually have tears coming out though.

There is a way to stop excessive tear production, I saw a brochure for it at my optometrist. They’re actual implants that they use to plug up your tear ducts. They look like teeny tiny golf-tees. Dunno if you wanna go that far though.