sad yawns

Does anyone else out there get tears in their eyes when they yawn. This happens to me everytime, no exceptions. (I suppose I could go on about it for a while but I think you get the idea so I’ll just leave it at that until I get some replies)

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This happens to me, too. I use it to my advantage – if my eyes get dry from my contacts, or if I need to look like I’m crying (for acting purposes), I just yawn.

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I’ve heard that this is also true of Crocodiles…the “tears” they cry are the result of opening their mouths widely.

I cry too when I yawn, but then again I’m a sensitive man of the 90s.

Here’s a weirder thing: every so often when I yawn, I shoot out a multi-pronged spray of saliva at distances approaching a meter. I guess the smooth muscle surrounding my salivary glands decides to contract when I open my big mouth to yawn. Or something. It’s damn amusing to whoever’s around to see it.

Does this happen to anyone else?

I also use those tears for rewetting my contacs, works pretty well too, as far as the water shooting out of your mouth, in my neighborhood, it’s called a gleek, I have a couple of friends who can do it on command (with out yawning)

I gleek, but not from yawning. It happens when I’m hungry and I go to eat a potato chip. For some reason, I’ve only noticed it with potato chips. Wierd.

I cry when yawning, sometimes, especially when in bed. Anyone who came in then would think I was severely distraught.