Yay ... damn

I have one of those battery tennis rackets for killing bugs, which I suck at using. The flies normally escape.:frowning: I managed to get lucky :smiley: but the dead fly dropped into my fresh cup of coffee :frowning:
and our cat stole the rest of the donut mrAru was having as part of his breakfast … he went to get a coffee refill and the cat jumped onto his chair and grabbed the last couple bites of donut :dubious::smiley:

At least it wasn’t a booger.

I had one of those. Flies dropped like a rock. Then a few seconds later they got up and flew away. I didn’t try killing them with coffee though.

What are complainin’ about? Dead flies add texture and protein. :stuck_out_tongue:

mmmm mmmm Coffee con Carne.

Mmmmmmmore like Coffee con Carnage

I have one of those fly zappers. My son and I fight over (well, whine about, really) who gets to use it when it’s killing’ time. Since the thing just stuns the flies on contact, I keep the current going until I smell burnt hair and see sparks. Mmmm…fried flies.

You mean you aren’t supposed to wait for the sparking? Who knew …

Breakfast means coffee… coffee means death… death means carnage… BREAKFAST MEANS CARNAGE!

:stuck_out_tongue: Ha, that’s great! I’m inspired to post…

Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such films as*** BREAKFAST MEANS CARNAGE!***

My friend left her teenage son and his friend alone with a couple of those for a few hours, they managed to burn some serious grid marks into each other.


Prepare for ultimate flavor!

For those old fogeys who kill flies with spit and flypaper and don’t know what the OP is talking about, maybe this is it. Whatever happened to the gadget that shot UFOs at them?

Not proud of it, but after a few too many drinks at a patio party, we all took turns shocking ourselves with one. No serious burns, but serious laughs, oh yes.

:dubious: dude…

Did you know a voltage remains on those things even if you don’t press the button? Try squeezing the layers together to see.

The idiot boys were holding each other down and pressing it onto their face cheeks and arms.

I also don’t want the kids to find out about chucking those party snaps at each other - best done naked.