don't drink the coffee

You know what I hate?

When you decide to drink the leftover coffee in the pot, and you get aaaaalmost done with it, and you take a swig and there’s a dead fly in your mouth. And you have to spit out the coffee, and you see it’s wet little body sitting at the bottom of the sink and you realize you drank a whole cup of coffee with dead fly germs in it, AND you had that gross little bugger in your mouth.

:frowning: I have to brush my teeth now.

Worse yet, it may have shit in it when it died. Do flies deficate when they die? I have a new question for GQ.

miss liz, curl up here beside me pat pat and I’ll tell you a looooovely little story.

I once was cleaning under my awning with a broom. I had a hat on to keep various outdoor debris out of my eyes, nose etc. I happened to notice some of said debris had settled onto one of my lawn chairs.

On closer inspection, the chair turned out to contain various housefly remnants from the cobwebs under my awning, obviously stuff the spiders didn’t care to eat. Among these were…

a wing
2 legs (maybe 2 1/2, I don’t recall)

…and an eeeeensy little round brown nut-like thing, maybe 3mm across, with a neat little seam in the middle.

It was poor Mr. Housefly’s eyeballs, don’t you know. And I remember my first thought on realizing what it was…*Gee. This could almost be [size=4]a little piece of coffee bean.[/size=4]
That’s all. Good night.
Care for a little decaf before you tuck in?

Psssshhh. I’ve been known to fish a dead bug out of a drink, then drink the rest. As long as you don’t actually eat the bug, now THAT would be gross.

At least the coffee was hot and probably killed off the dead fly germs. Try drinking soda that you left unattended long enough to acquire a fly. That bugger’s germs are just waiting inside of me for the right time to strike, I tells ya!

Ants give coffee a coconutty flavor.
I thought I had accidently bought flavored creamer, but with my second sip, the truth was revealed.

Not a fly, but once, when I was in Jr High, I drank a soda that a bee had flown into and gotten stuck. I didn’t hear it because I was outside playing ball, took a huge drink, it started squirmin on my tounge and I spit it out.

I had a huge lip because it caught me on the way out…that jerk!


Just the other night I was having dinner with my family and took a mouthful of beer. Felt something fuzzy on my toungue, spit it out, gagged and my son cries out…Mom! You had a fly in your mouth. Eww Gross! Yes, yes, it was gross.

miss elizabeth, I sympathize with you.

Fortunately, I’ve spent the last few years building up an immunity to dead fly germs.