yay! i get to go CAMPING!

yep! i will be in northern new york state for the next two weeks, camping out! :cool:
and you know what that means… :confused:
i will be out of the loop from the SDMB for the duration. :frowning:
so, if anything notable happens, such as earth being claimed by aliens, cecil being revealed as the omniscient synthetic computer-based sentience he is, or just something really cool happening on the board, post it here so i can know what’s been happening while i was gone!

this will probably be my last post for most of the rest of the month, but i will still be on hand for the rest of the evening and possibly early tomorrow, so, i guess i might be able to fit one more in…

and as thus is said… I’M OFF! <whoosh!>

[sub]i hope i haven’t overestimated my network of friends and relations on the board…[/sub]

You left the oven on.

I decided to pad my post count.


that got me laughing!

well i just got back, and i am posting this before i even take a look at the rest of the boards.
apperently, nothing happened whatsoever in the time i was gone.

how suprising.

That’s the beautiful thing- The first time I spent a couple weeks cut off from “civilization” I was very excited to catch up on the News “I wonder what happened while I was gone, Wow…”

Same shit, different day. We’re just fed a bunch of crap via the media, and in fact throwing away the television is one of the smartest things a human can do. Camping taught me that indirectly.

i learned that lesson about ‘the crap of news’ a long time ago, and well, i was actually sorta hoping that some famous celebrity would die while i was gone and it would all subside by the time i got back, so i could say to myself “see? look what splurdge i managed to avoid! hooray for me!”.

it’s not as if i actually watch the daily television news or something, and wanted updates on that biased pointless crap. however, i haven’t quite reached the point of throwing out my TV, but only for the sake of comedy central. that is the best way to waste time, in my opinion; don’t have to deal with the world, you just get to laugh.