Yay! I have a disease!

Why is this labeled a disease?

Why can’t we label people who constantly create unnecessary, irritating sounds as being diseased instead?

Bolding mine.

I have a coworker who sits 2 desks away from me. She brings pretzels to work every single day, and makes SO MUCH FUCKING NOISE with them. Snap! Crack! Before I knew they were pretzels I thought she was chomping on carrots. How can someone make that much noise with a pretzel?!

We’re not supposed to wear earbuds at work, so I don’t have that escape. I usually try to leave the office when she breaks them out. Otherwise, there have been days when it has actually caused me tears of frustration to hear her eat. (ETA: I mean my eyes well up and I feel frustrated and angry; not that I start sobbing and carrying on).

Y’all should have heard it yesterday when my co-workers (Shrieking Laughter Lady and The Plegm-Mover) took turns all afternoon trying to get me to kill them…