Yay! My cleaning guy is back!

It may be mundane to you, but I’m happy as a clam. The guy who cleans my floor just got back from a three-month vacation in London and Pakistan.

On the one hand, I’m thrilled that he was able to go see his family – it took him forever to be sure he’d get a re-entry visa (I helped), and his boss couldn’t possibly have been happy to see a vacation request for that chunk of time, even if he had accrued it fair and square. So I’m glad that everything worked out for him.

But dammit, I missed him. He always knows what is garbage and what was a pile of papers that I hadn’t finished with. He doesn’t expose the building’s “separate your garbage” policy as the scam I know it is by dumping all the containers into the same trash can in front of my face. He’s friendly. He remembers what I did for the union when they went on strike a few years back. He always has a light for my smoke when I forget matches. He vacuums the other side of the floor first when I’m on a call.

The lady who was filling in for him – well, let’s just say that I’m very, very happy to have my guy back.

There’s my mundane thread for today.


I know I’ll be glad when my cleaning guy gets back…oh wait. I am my cleaning guy. Drats.

So, with your cleaning guy back, the stress of being a mod gone and buying a motorcycle, will you be coming to Oklahoma anytime soon? :wink:

Manny, I am so happy to see you inaugurating a thread in MPSIMS, I could just cry. You must be feeling better already!

Oh, and hey, congrats on your floor guy. If I don’t score another job soon, I might be his next stand-in. Hope you tip good. Or at least don’t put pencil marks to record the level on your gin bottles.