Yea for the royal sons!

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Princes William and Harry of England used the premiere of the new James Bond flick to raise money for two military charities.

I’m no royal watcher*, but I wanted to give props to these boys - they seem to have all of the charisma and good hearted-ness of their mother and grandmother.

It’s also nice to see pictures from a movie premiere that involves something good and not something self-masturbatory and plastic-y.

  • Well, I sure do like to see pictures of those two good-looking lads…

So, is that a bad haircut, or is Prince Willy getting thin on top already?

(sorry, just the teeniest bit of schadenfreude for the man who has everything - else).

Don’t be jealous - noses never stop growing!

It does look like he’s thinning a bit. Albert of Monaco’s hairline was creeping up there way before he was 30, so it’s definitely not unheard of, even for the rich and famous.

Harry is good-looking, but William is stunning. I never thought Diana was especially beautiful, but her features certainly work on William. And yes, it’s really only fair that he go bald early.

When they were kids/teens, I always thought that William was gorgeous and Harry was kind of funny-looking, but now that they’re adults, I kind of think William has the kind of looks that make you think he’s a marble god…absolutely beautiful but horribly, horribly boring and static. Whereas Harry looks real…like you could probably have long, wonderfully funny conversations with him where he tells stories about his misadventures and the amazing people he’s met.

I don’t know whether it them that changed or whether it’s me…

I agree with you, but also think it’s only right, as William needs a head that goes well on coins, notes, statues etc etc. He literally needs to look ‘statuesque’. (and by then, the crown will provide good cover for the bald patch).

I think William’s looks these days have a fair bit to do with his father’s side of the gene pool. I’m not saying he looks like his Dad, but he’s a dead ringer for his paternal grandfather - Prince Philip - when he was a young man.

I can see some resemblance, particularly here and here. But I still mostly see Diana when I look at William.

I usually don’t get this way, but William and Harry just make my heart melt. I’ve always heard that royal inbreeding makes for ugly guys, but these two…yowza! Diana must have had some super DNA…

UK Dopers - what’s their public treatment like over there? Are they treated like any other pop stars, or is there a layer of decorum in their handling by the press and public? We only get the paparazzi side of things.

I’d say there was a ‘bit’ more decorum for the boys than for regular pop stars, but they certainly aren’t off-limits if they behave badly. Harry has often got flack for falling out of nightclubs pissed.

Mind you, I’d say the boys are ‘generally’ much better behaved than your average popstar - I can’t see them staggering around town in their dirty knickers like Amy Winehouse. William, particularly, seems conscious that he needs to behave himself.

Holy Lord those are some good looking princes!

I always felt bad that Harry was going to the the ugly one but he’s really grown into his looks. There is one picture of him on there meeting someone that I swear when he talks I bet he sounds exactly like Jay Leno’s Ross the Intern.

Also - damn, Jack White really takes that last name seriously! That boy is so pale somebody needs to check him for rigor mortis.