Yeah, Easter is my favorite holiday! So what?

Last December, Mr. Rilch and I were discussing the fact that we don’t hate Christmas, and this despite the fact that I’ve been working in retail. Not going to go into that right now; the point is, I said, “And it’s not even my favorite holiday!”

“So what is your favorite holiday? Valentine’s Day?..No? Fourth of July?..Halloween?..Then I bet it’s Thanksgiving. No?..New Year’s?..St. Patrick’s?..Easter?

“Yes! Easter!”

Whaaaaat? How can Easter be your favorite holiday?”

Skip to last night, when the discussion was recapped. I’ll spare you everything he said, and just list my reasons.

  1. You don’t have to get a present for anyone, nor feign joy/feel guilty when you get one yourself. No mandatory gift exchanges at work, either.

  2. But it is cool to surprise someone with an Easter basket. One of my fondest memories in our relationship was when Mr. Rilch had been on a show that was just beating his brains out. He came home early Easter morning, having pulled an all-nighter, to see the Easter basket I’d assembled myself and left on the kitchen table for him. I tiptoed downstairs to find him looking at it, with a tear rolling down his cheek.

  3. It’s the end of Lent.

  4. From a religious standpoint, I just happen to think that resurrection is more inspiring than birth.

  5. Hearing the St. Matthew Passion performed.

  6. Apart from that, no Easter music to be crammed down your throat.

  7. Coloring eggs, and hunting for them.

  8. New outfit to wear to church.

  9. Cadbury eggs, jelly beans and Peeps.

  10. Have you ever heard anyone say “I’m so sick of Easter”?

Easter certainly is the most important Christian religious holiday. Took me a long time as a kid to realize that. Christmas is more “fun”, you see, births are by nature happy events. And kids like the presents, the Christmas pageant, and so on.

But Christmas occurred so Easter could happen. Rilchiam is right, rising from the dead trumps getting born, especially knowing that it means we will live forever too.

Oh, and the Peeps, Lord forgive me. I just got acquainted with them two years ago, through an SDMB thread. What is it about those sugary bits of fluffy nothing that is so appealing. Pink, yellow, it doesn’t matter.

Heck, I even know Jews that like Easter.

Best candy, you see.

I like Easter very much.

I like being able to make pretty Easter baskets for the kids. I like to color and hide eggs. I like to buy outside toys for the kids, and them be able to play with them outside. Every year my kids get sidewalk chalk for Easter, and every year they draw me beautiful pictures.

But most of all, I like the Cadbury eggs.

I love Easter! I’m not Catholic, or even religious as such. However, I love watching my young boys find Easter eggs…and each year, 2 special baskets mysteriously appear on our doorstep. The Easter Bunny is real, I say! :wink:

Easter is great. I completely agree with the others who have said that a resurrection is much more important than a birth, so the reilgious aspect is quite an inspiring time.

Also, Easter baskets are wicked cool, with all of the candy.

Moreso, Easter is in a sunny and wonderful part of the year, when everything is in bloom and things are warming up. Christmas, in particular, is in a dour part of the year, especially for those of us from the south, where there’s no snow, but things still get cold and messy.

Easter rocks!

…are no substitute for Easter eggs, no matter how pretty you color them. :smiley:

Even if there were no Asher’s Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream Easter Eggs, it would still be my favorite.

kiddoeaddi was born on Easter Sunday. :slight_smile:

Thought of something else: Santa always wants to know if you’ve been good. The Easter Bunny has an egg for everyone! (The Easter Beagle, OTOH…)