Yeah, thanks...and congrats on your *ingrown toenail*, too..

Sorry, but if one more shiny-happy-fuckin’-person wishes me a happy Valentine’s day I’m going up a bell tower with a nice high powered rifle.

Yeah, great fucking holiday, let’s rub the noses of the people who are lonely, and unhappy about it, in shit stained garlic.

You know, I don’t have anything against you for being happy. You are my friends and I’m overjoyed that you have found someone to share your thoughts, fears, happiness, etc. with. I really am.

But stop…just for a second…and think of how shitty I feel when you wish you me a happy “what comes down to a day for lovers”. You fucking know me. I’m not a stranger on the street where saying this is like sayin’ “hey, how’s it goin’?”

You know I don’t have anyone to share this day with right now. Exactly how happy do you expect me to be? Happy fuckin’ Valentines day? Hello? I’m all the fuck ALONE, save my dog. And while I love him dearly, I don’t think there are any wedding bells in our future.

What a shitty fucking day. Who designed this? I can just picture it –

“Okay, who’s happy and in love?” ::hands raise::
“Good, good. Here’s a day every year where we’ll all celebrate you. Have more fun. Be happier. Be even more in love.”
::couple of hands in the air::
“Umm, Okay, you…you, standing alone in the corner–”
“Umm, you see…Well, I’m a good person, good karma, never hurt anyone intentionally…but…I {gasp} don’t have anyone to share this day with, what should I do?”
“Hmm…let’s see…I guess you’ll have to listen to happy love stories all day. Oh, and everyone of your friends will remind you of what a fucking loser you are all day by wishing you a ‘happy’ day.”
“And you keep the straight edge razors where in this 'burg?”

I like Valentines Day. Not for lovey dovey mushy stuf, which I suck at, but for friends.

Maybe my parents made too big a deal every year, but I just don’t connect it with “love” and “I need an SO”. I connect it with little bears by my breakfast plate and being allowed to add food coloring to pancake batter.

I do wish my friends “Happy Valentine’s Day” as far as I’m concerned, this is a perfectly good holiday for them. It means you aren’t lonely, you have friends who care about you and your happiness.

It doesn’t have to be a day for lovers. Sorry if I’m happy and shiny, but there is another side here. You’re not a loser and your friends care about you. If you are a good person on top of that, you deserve a happy day.

[sub]What will you do if I wish you a happy day tomorrow, I wonder?[/sub]

I hear ya, Gazoo. Nothing has sucked more in my life than these last few weeks. I used to be engaged, now I’m not. Things were going well between us for a few days, today he tells me he can’t talk, he needs to be alone for a while. I’m 99.9% sure he lied to me about being online and getting my IM’s. No, make that 100% sure. I don’t want to push it with him. We both agreed not to give up on us getting back together eventualy, but there’s nothing else I can do. We broke up on our one year anniversery, because he found another woman, now Valentines day he avoids me. I know he’s having a hell of a lot of other problems right now, but he can’t even talk to me about them, except just to mention them. Not loving him is not an option, so what do I do…

Valentines day fucking sucks. Fuck all you happy people. What did you do to deserve it? What did I do to deserve this? Nothing, so don’t count you chickens before their hatched. Some day, you might be as alone as the rest of us.

Same boat- and I got a lot of dogs and even more cats- teh sex is wonderful, but I’m with you- I don’t see nuptials in our future either.
Conversation stinks- I mean, I don’t watch tv, don’t read the newspaper, and only sometimes have the radio on- Their conversation goes jsut right over my head. I know, someone’s going to call me selfish and self-centered, because I don’t make the efforts, relationships are work yadda yadda. But, I don’t know if I want to. It’s so hard- there’s so much I like about them, they’re my dream animals, but…
Well, the teeth.

And you should have MY mouth in the mornings.

Those goddam claws.

The teeth

Those damnable soulful eyes, whines, cutesy little freakin yips, teh meows, it’s always ‘Feed me’, or ‘Walk us!’ or ‘o god, you’re home from work, we’re sooo glad to see you!!!’ or whatever, you know? They’re like, emotional vampires, sucking me dry, sometimes. I need my space man. I mean, where do I fit in the picture, what about my needs? Sometimes it seems like it’s jsut give give give.
I mean fuck, I want a back massage, I gotta have 6 units of goddam whole blood ready to go.

The teeth.

O Yeah! Lest I forget! You ever try to 69 with a freakin cat!!! I got a bad back here, it’s a freakin nightmare, what it is. But you know? They don’t care, as long as their needs are met.


Well, so have a shitty day, and here’s a little joke about the perils of having mates anyways-

There was this convention going on, a sales convention. All sthe salespeople who had them brought their spouses. Well, early on the first morning, at a complimentary breakfast, these 3 couples sit at the same table- 2 newlywed couples, and one couple who had been married for years The newlyweds were all giggly and touchy-feely, like you’d expect, and the older couple were considerably more restrained.
Well, one of the new husbands asks his wife in a sickly sweet kind of way-“Would you pass me the sugar, Sugar?” with all teh little google eyes and so forth…
The second new groom asks, “Could You pass me the honey, Honey?”- again, with teh prerequisite stickyness.
They’re all giggling and shit, all happy.
Well, the older woman, she’s seeing all this and getting all wistful, and casts a hopeful, doe-eyed look at her husband. He sees it, looks at her for a second, then in a dead-pan voice, sez

“Pass the bacon, pig”


First twenty five valentines days: I was alone and single, and miserable.

Last year: I was seeing someone who wasn’t in the mood to consider what we had a “relationship”; it ended two weeks later.

This year: I’m dating someone I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. The problem? She’s not here. :frowning:

I feel your pain, Gazoo.

Congrats on your stillborn?

That’s fucking low.

If you climb that bell tower, make sure to throw yourself off first thing.

Hell I just hid out in the house all day.

IMHO, all holidays suck. But this one is especially heinous.

I agree entirely!! And wholey!! And with much enthusiasm!!

IMHO someone wishing you to have a good day, on a recognized holiday, does not warrant a rant…

Just nod, and say “thanks” ! (fucking deal with it if you are without someone special on V-day, maybe it’s your fault, maybe not… but fucking deal!!!)

I have spent MANY V-days alone, but never blamed anyone else for it, or flamed anyone who bragged about NOT being alone… learn from it, and next year, when you are not alone, post here about how happy you are to be with someone you love & who loves you…

Gazoo I’d defend (well if not to the death at least to the mild bruise) your right to rant about Valentines Day etc. however.

to include the ‘congrats on your stillborn’ as part of your thread title is hurtful and unnecessary.

I have not been in that circumstance, but I can imagine how painful reminders can be, and to see it callously displayed like that - let me remind you please, that the thread title shows up - so it isn’t a case of 'well, if it doesn’t interest you,

May I suggest contacting a mod to ask that it be changed???

Jesus. What were you thinking, Gazoo?

Okay, I apologize for the thread title. I was in a very bad mood obviously. Apparently very hypocritical too, as I ranted about others taking the feelings of those of us who are not happy on V-Day into consideration, I didn’t stop and do the same for those who may be offended or hurt by the thread title. It went over the top.

Mods - feel free to delete it, change it, close it… whatever you feel necessary.

Happy Valentines Day!!!




I love you, Gazoo.

Knew I’d show up sooner or later, didn’t you? Sorry to hear your hate of V-Day. Yesterday, I would have disagreed. However, after nearly being dumped last night, and still under threat of relationship termination, I heave a hearty “Fuck you!” to Valentine’s Day.

Coldfire! how heartless!! do you know how horrible it is to have an ingrown…

aw hell, I can’t do it. Good job.

And Gazoo, I don’t hold it against you. carrion.

::buys Gazoo a boat drink, complete with umbrella::


thanks for changing it Gazoo. I started flaming you yesterday but got too upset to continue.

I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day and it sucked. I’m now married and Valentine’s Day sucked. But neither of these begin to compare to the nightmare of living with the stillbirth of my first son.

Well, look at it this way: Valentine’s Day is good, because the Day AFTER Valentine’s Day, chocolate is on sale!

I’ve written a novel, which I’ve mentioned around here a few times. (When it’s a huge best-seller there will be a lot of women out there who are gonna be sorry they didn’t grab me when they had the chance.) It’s partially a war story, and at one point it degenerates into a nuclear attack on 24 cities.

On February 14th.

That’show I feel about Valentine’s Day.