The Anti-Valentine's Day Thread

I, Just A Girl, do hereby dub Valentine’s Day as the most ludicrous, over-blown, Hallmark Holiday of them all.

Before the love-sick masses can come in and tell me to lighten up and get in “the spirit,” let me save them the trouble of saying - Yes, I am very, very bitter.

I do not buy those candy hearts
I do not ever want to start
I do not like the V-Day scam
I do not like it, Sam I am

Screw Hallmark. Screw pink and red. Screw Russel Stover and Whitman’s. Screw Hershey’s and Brach’s. Screw them all for capitalizing off of an emotion that so many people don’t have the gift of sharing.

Broccoli! - I know you already have your “F Valentine’s Day” thread - but look how many pro-V Day threads there are. I am only trying to even out the score. This is my reining declaration that I concur.

So anyone out there who feels bitter or alone for this stupid, stupid “holiday” - share the bitterness with me here (or on Broccoli!'s thread - which i can’t put a link to because I still don’t know how… :o )

Don’t hold back!!

Febuary 14th is Emperor Norton’s Birthday according to my nifty and useful calandar. So I’ll be celebrating that instead.

Damn the Man! Damn Valentines Day!! A curse on cards and candy in red and pnk wrappers!! Another curse on roses in any color!! And the biggest curse of all on jewelry stores for airing retarded ads thatt make women look like diamond crazed whores!!!


…Ok…Perhaps I am alone in my crusade…

Oh well…Damn it all to hell anyway

Yea. Screw it. Overblown and stupid. Yea. And yet…I keep thinking that I only have two weeks to get a date. You know, for a someone who is anti-Christian, I sure buy into this St. Valentine’s Day BS hook, line and sinker. FEH.

You and me both, Swiddles.

Anyone in the DC area wanna get drunk that night? That’s MY plan for V-day…

Ten thousand times ten thousand damnations upon Valentine’s Day! I had spent previous V-Day’s watching anti-romance movies like “The War Of The Roses” and “Your Friends And Neighbors”, but this year, I think I’ll just spend the enitre day seeing “Hannibal” repeatedly. Gotta support the namesake/icon.

I’m going to spend V-day pining for my significant other.

For distraction, I’m performing in The Vagina Monologues. (how’s that for a v-day?)

I’m doing “Reclaiming Cunt”. This should be interesting.

I’d love to be with you when you’re drunk, Falc, just because it’s fucking hilarious, but I have classes and all, so I don’t think my 10:30 am the next day would appreciate me being way too tired.

[eeyore]I’ll probably spend it missing my best friend. Another lonely valentines day.[/eeyore]

No shit? I’ll have to remember to offer up candybars and suchlike to Eris in his honor.

I think that it is much more important to remember that Feb 14th is my birthday. Let’s all celebrate that instead.

Well, I’m not in the DC area…but mass alcohol consumption is on my agenda for blasted Feb 14 as well. And Hallmark doesn’t make a DIME off of that purchase. HA!

I refuse to let a card company conspiracy dictate which day I should set aside to express love. I shall celebrate Darwin Day instead on February 12. I read about it on Internet Infidels and they said I should celebrate it on the 12th so…um, wait…never mind.

I will be protesting the injustice of Valentine’s Day by subjecting myself to an entire day of solitary confinement. Anybody wanna join me?


If you slice my wrist, I will bleed coffee. Army coffee. Such is the extent of my bitterness. On the 14th I will be drinking. A lot. Which I would be anyway, but I expect my hangover du jour will be particularly excruciating on the 15th. No matter! I will enjoy the sweet pain!

Or, y’know, something like that. I’ve got no really firm plans just yet.

I’m with you Just a Girl, lets go do something the weekend before (since I’ll be up at school on that evil day).

IQM is my anti-Valentine!! :smiley:

Sure, let’s…since we’ve already decided we hate Valentine’s Day AND boys…

Yes, no more boys, I want a MAN! How bout that valentine horror movie? That’s what people get for giving in to this evil holiday :smiley:

Well, just look at the origins of Valentine’s Day…celebrating his massacre/martyrdom in the 3rd century (on February 14th)…that should bring a smile to the face of any anti-Valentine type person! :wink: