Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini

I’m putting this in CS because it’s about a song, but it’s also a poll, so if it’s in the wrong forum, I’ll trust the mods to move it!

When you hear the song Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini, how do you picture the swimsuit in your mind? Is it white with yellow polka dots, or is it yellow with polka dots of another color?

I always see it as yellow, with pink polka-dots (a YELLOW, polka-dot bikini), but my mom says she always thinks of it as white with yellow dots (a YELLOW POLKA-DOT bikini).

Mom got to thinking about it and wondered what the Dope would say, and since she hasn’t subscribed yet, I told her I’d start the thread for her! So come on, fellow Dopers and give her something to read about! :slight_smile:

Oh, and…

HI, MOM!!! :cool:

I think it’s either yellow with white polka dots, or white with yellow polka dots. I mostly imagine yellow with white.

Occasionally I think it’s yellow with black polka dots. But no other colors, ever.

They are always somewhat large dots; about an inch across. Not small dots.

Yellow with black (or possibly white) polka dots.

White with yellow dots would look terrible.

Theres a yogurt commercial with this song playing. They show it as a yellow bikini with pink polka dots.

Yellow, with blue polka dots.

My mental image: yellow w/ white dots.

If I recall correctly, standard polka dot fashion was a certain color garment covered with white polka dots. Brown with white dots…blue with white dots…etc.

Of course, since I am 40 and was about 5 y/o when polka dots were on their way ‘out’, I could be completely nuts.

The suit is yellow, with white (though possibly black) polka dots. Either way, the dots are definitely on a yellow background.

I think white dots on a yellow background.

(Am I being influenced by that yogurt commercial? It’s a yellow background, as ShiefferShaw mentioned. Perhaps I would’ve seen yellow dots on some other background if I hadn’t seen the ad.)

Yellow with red polka dots.

Yellow with white polka dots.

I’ve thought about this a lot since that commercial came out. I saw that commercial and immediately thought to myself “What the heck, I didn’t picture it that way at all!” Needless to say, I thought of it as having yellow dots.

People! The bikini is yellow with black polka dots. Don’t make me take this to the Pit, yo.

Hi, Chanteuse’s mom!

Yellow with black dots. And the bikini itself is small, as are the dots.

I see it in the commercial as yellow with red polka dots. And now that’s how I see it when I hear the song.

Beofre that, probably yellow with white, or yellow with purple dots if I was amalgamating novelty songs in my head – this one with One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater.

Yellow with multicoloured dots. Like the Polkaroo…

Yellow with red dots. Don’t know why

Hijack: Whoa, they get Polkaroo in South Africa?

Same same for me.

I’m obviously in the minority, but it’s always been white with yellow polka dots to me. First heard it as a child, of course.

This is strange. I’ve heard the song since it came out, but I don’t think I ever imagined the actual color scheme, just the bikini itself (and its precious contents). Perhaps yellow with dark dots (brown or black).