Yep, four kegs aught to do it....

The largest concern for students is a limit allowing only four kegs per residence during the block party event.


Here`s the link.

So, Otto, howz it goin in Madtown this weekend?

You’re not serious are you? There’s no way that four kegs per residence is gonna be enough! I’ve seen a fifteen keg beer bash run dry here in Happy Valley, I’m sure y’all can do that sort of thing out there.

Okay, so maybe if you’ve got four kegs in every residence it might be enough for a decently sized party. But it does suck for those who planned ahead and ordered their beer early. Damn Townies!

The thing is.
Every stinkin house on that street will have four kegs. Four Half-Barrells, that is.
And thats just beer. No mention of restricting the use of hard liquor. I think they should be happy that the cops arent being pricks. They could card ever person they see and shut down 95 percent of the parties just for serving underage students.
And how do you really enforce the rule. Guys bring half barrells to the party in the trunks of their cars…
Sounds like a good time though, I`d love to have been in Madison this weekend.

We have the same limit here, we just send a bunch of guys to the keg store in separate cars if we need to.

Just so you know, the ` is not an apostrophe, ’ is . It’s next to your enter key.

Maybe if each house has four kegs and then like 15 kegs on the sidewalk… the sidewalk’s public property, right? Just trying to help. :smiley:

I’m just thinking here, but…

As I look out my window I can see my pickup. I could probably get three half-barrels in a row across the width of the bed and maybe four or five rows (one might have to be a row of two at the wheel wells) along the length. We could then fill the space around the kegs with ice to keep everything cold… Problem solved!

Thanks for pointing that out. The backwards apstrophe is my ‘thing’. I changed my username from whuckfistle, but I kept the incorrect punctuation useage. Besides, my left pinky finger is way more dextrous than my right :wink: .