Yes, Dear 10/20/03 - Who Played the Dental Assistant?

Obscure question, I know:

On Yes, Dear on 10/20/03 there was a bit where Greg participated in a dating service (as a joke). He then went to a dental office to meet face-to-face with a woman who rejected him to see why. The woman he meets is a dental assistant.

OK, I’ve seen that actress before. She was in an episode of Friends a few years ago (she played an understudy to an actress Joey wanted to date).

Does anybody know her name? I’d like to run an IMDB search to see if I can cross-reference her television and movie appearances to see where else I’ve seen her.


Was it Jennifer Milmore?

Yup, that was her. Once I saw her résumé on IMDB I remembered that I knew her from Jesse.