Shortlived sitcom about a socially challenged single professional woman

I’m trying to remember what this show was. The main character is played by an actress who appeared in a couple of Frasier episodes, and has one of those loud, brassy, and slightly Fran Drescher-ish voices–in fact very much like the one who plays Grace on Will and Grace, but I don’t think that’s her.

The woman works at some sort of office job, and is fairly successful at it, but evid
ently lives with her parents (IIRC). Either her brother or father, or both, are dentists. She looked reasonably attractive physically, but a major premise of the show was that she couldn’t get a date to save her life, much less sustain a relationship.

One scene I remember: She goes out clothes shopping with her mother, and in the end leaves wearing a dress that another customer left in the dressing room. As she leaves, she invites the poor woman, bereft of her dress, to help herself to her crumpled bluejeans, that she left behind on the floor of the dressing room. The point is apparently that having a nice dress on is cause for the first time she’s felt good about herself since the 1900s, or something like that.

What was this show, and who was the actress? I kind of liked the show and was sorry it didn’t make it.

Do you mean like the one who plays Karen on Will and Grace?


Was it Harriet Sansom Harris, who played Frasier’s evil agent, Bebe Glazer?

Sorry, I’m not that familiar with Will and Grace, but I do mean the main female star.

Tea Leoni appeared in one Seinfeld, and had a couple of shows you might be thinking of: **The Naked Truth **1995-8 and Flying Blind 1992-3 - more likely the former.

The one from Will and Grace you are thinking of is Debra Messing, who was in two Seinfeld episodes. The only sitcom in her history that might fill the bill is Ned and Stacey - she was Stacey.

I don’t know what show it could be, I’m just posting to say not to give up hope. A while ago I posted trying to find a specific episode of a radio show . I did not know the name of the episode, which show it was from, or who acted in it, or any character names.

Dopers got it in short order. Somone will know your show.

It wasn’t Flying Blind - she had an ongoing relationship with the lead male character in that one.

The OP thinks she was in Frasier, not Seinfeld.

Ah, right. Well I still think it was Tea Leoni, she was in one ep of Frasier, and The Naked Truth fits the bill reasonably well.