Yes, Marley23, you are stupid

At this point I get officially warned, for no apparent reason

Marley23 is, in fact, a horrible moderator. He is not only a horrible moderator, but also a liar. He likes to state that he communicates to the appropriate forum mods while he instead tries to terrify posters in any forum he chooses to.

I’m not, precisely, terrified. He is, however, stupid.

EDIT: Nevermind.

I can understand your complaints about the comments made AFTER the Snort, but a question:
what warranted the initial “snort” ? Basically- what did you mean by it? I was confused.
Everything after that makes sense in this pitting and your complaints and all, but I don’t get the snort on it’s own. Why did you Snort?

Because of his comment that he reports questionable GD posts to the GD mods. While he may do that, it does not stop him from throwing his moderatorial weight around in GD. I specifically asked him once if he was a GD mod; no response.

Ah. Okay. Thank you for your answer.
No further questions, and you can continue with your regularly scheduled pitting, as I have no dog in this fight.

Maybe if it becomes funny, I’ll pop back in, but first I’ll let the seething burning parts go on and I don’t really want any part of that. Peace out.

Is this some kind of leftover from your moderator days, Frank?

Since that time has any staff member explained to you what the rule is regarding moderators acting in other forums? Because I’d be happy to explain it to you, but I think the “no response” part is very misleading.

Isn’t there some sort of secret mod forum y’all could take care of this on?

'Cause I doubt most folks besides Frank really give a shit.

Giraffe, I’d like to hear it here anyway, just for posterity’s sake. Can you oblige me?

Marley, I do think this was one of those times to let things slide. You knew full well where Frank was coming from. The answer to “snort” should have been “right” or something to the effect of “I saw you but didn’t care”. Escalating it only gathers the crowd of rubberneckers and derails the thread.

Also, this:

is not language for someone under a mod hat. “Knock it off” is retarded and arrogant. I really wish you mods will “knock it off” with it. It never ever serves to defuse a situation, and isn’t that what you guy want?
Frank, c’mon, you know full well what rule covers “snort”, and you know full well that it is a rule applied on the “we know them when we see them” stick without any need for the mods to excuse or explain themselves. You simply have no recourse against a mod’s whim. There is no point in fighting him.

I have begun to like you since you quit and Marley is high there on my (and everyone’s) list of disliked mods (and I hate it that saying so gives him mod-points), but that is no excuse to chase him around PALATRing him.

It is not like he never gets pitted, save it for one of those.

Unless you are wanting a flame out, then rock on, baby!

I’m over the one month suspension that I “served” a while ago, but one thing I carry with me about it is how much of a fucking douchebag Marley is. I said something inappropriate, I tried explaining it privately to Giraffe, but Marley seemed to really have it out for me or something. Then it said in an ATMB thread–while I was banned, and, IMO, defenseless–that I used “several” racial slurs (or something like that; I’m not looking it up for the exact wording), which was simply a lie.

I’m not going to claim that I’m some terrific poster here (I’m not, and I really don’t care), but every Marley post I read seems to be cringeworthy in some regard. Whether it’s something it says as a moderator or a non-moderator attempt at humor, everything it says makes me wants to throw up in my mouth.

In short, I hate it and it makes me sick.

Ok, I’ll be the one…link please?

And because you’re secretly 12? Just curious.

If there is, why do you think Frank would have access to it? Is the presence of this thread here somehow bothering you?

So? Since when do threads have to interest most folks? Why drop in to be a dick?

Here’s a link.

Do you have some examples? I’m not saying you are wrong, but I’d be interested to see – purely out of curiousity.

Mods are too nice these days. Remember Manhattan? Now that was a mod that could swear at people.

Just popping in here to agree with this. For some reason, mods (and not just here at the SDMB) seem to love this phrase, but I find it needlessly rude and overly aggressive. I would love it if you all would find a nicer way to tell people to knock it off. Like, maybe just staying “please stop.”

Frank, while I myself wouldn’t have officially warned you for the snort and the follow-up, it’s pretty undeniable that you were being a bit of a cock in that thread. So, leaving the warning aside, what the hell? You’re obviously irritated or upset with some aspect of how Marley23 moderates – do you really think sniping at him in IMHO is the best way to handle that?


Personal (not in any way official) request: could you not quote Sapo’s whole post when you want to chime in with him? It’s a lot of text we all just read a few seconds ago, with nothing added to the discussion. Maybe just say “I agree with Sapo” or something?