Yes-No-Can you repeat the question--You're not the boss of me and you're not so big.

Yep this is a Malcome in the Middle thread.

I love this show. It is one of the 2 or 3 shows I don’t miss if at all possible.

The only disturbing thing is that I identify more with the parents than the kids. I guess this means I am Officially Old.


I love the show too. My only complaint regards the parts with the brother in the military academy. I think they just detract from the flow of each show, and aren’t as funny as the rest of it.

I love the kid who plays Malcom–his face is so expressive! :smiley: Very cathartic to watch him suffer each week…

When Mrs. Rastahomie and I went to Mardi Gras a couple of weeks ago, we got to the Endymion parade right after the Grand Marshall’s float had rolled by. The crowd was about 30 people thick and we couldn’t see anything, so we just decided to walk around on Bourbon Street instead.

The next morning we found out the Frankie Muñiz (Malcolm) was Grand Marshall, and we freaking missed it! :mad:

What a great show! :smiley:

I started tuning in because of the astoundingly high They Might Be Giants content (they do virtually all of the music), but I got hooked on the total package. Sure, the music’s still great, but that gang of writers really knows how to make with the funny!

Malcom In The Middle kicks ass. I love this show.

Titus is also pretty funny.

Ok, this weeks episode was great–as usual.

And I thought my mom was crazy and unreasonable at times.

I especially loved seeing that weaselly history teacher roofing the house. :smiley:

I thought it would be the stupidest show, until I watched one day with my mom and my sister. I LOVE this show.

I like Francis! My favorite one was the Halloween one, where they launched bombs off the roof of the house!

You forgot the “maybe” in the subject title. :slight_smile:

Tonight’s episode was one of the funniest ever. This show is starting to become consistantly better than the Simpsons (never thought I’d hear myself say that). In fact, I don’t think they’ve had a single bad episode yet.

The only thing that disappoints me a little bit is the almost total lack of TMBG songs in the second season. Oh well.

TMBG does that theme song? Of course they do, I’m an idiot! I can’t sit still for a sitcom that requires that much energy to watch, though.

yes, last nights episode had me rolling off the couch.

One teeeeeeeeny bit of a complaint. Whoever thought up “Stevies” breath… word…breath…word…breath…word word…deep breath

should be forced to only speak in one word sentences for the rest of his/her life.

But, I DID really enjoy the episode where Stevie’s family and Malcom’s went to the restaurant together.

I think that was my favorite. The way Stevie gets abused throughout the show and how he finally gets his revenge was classic.

Outstanding show! When the father was on the roof and got startled by the leaf, I nearly fell out of my chair! Kudos to the writers!

Makes suffering through the Simposons almost bearable.

I know I did, I was hoping that no one else would notice but it looks like now I’ve been busted. :wink:

I at least was kind enough to not mention the fact that you also forgot the “I don’t know” part…

I concur in spades - I think this is one of the funniest shows on TV today. As far as I’m concerned, it’s better than The Simpsons.

Oh I left that out on purposein consideration of the length of the title and the finite number of spaces available.

This show is awesome. I missed a few minutes of last nights episode but was told what happened. The scene with Francis banging on the window after the teacher’s remark about being a callous parent had me rolling on the floor. The restaurant episode was another great one.

If I had been told two years ago that there was going to be a live-action comedy on Fox better than the Simpsons, I wouldn’t have believed it.

that’s what I figured… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Military school is an important part of the show because that’s where you send the kids when then don’t behave & need to learn disipline. Francis appears to learn some disipline there.