Yes, we have no bathroom...

This may seem mundane and pointless to most of you, but right now it’s become a very pressing issue with me and another Doper I work with.
We will not have a toilet for the next 3 days at work.
I came in on Sunday while the store was closed to use the computer and it was sitting in the middle of the showroom (we work in a music rental store). The bathroom area is being remodeled to include a shower (don’t ask). I naively thought, “Oh! Well, it’s being done over the weekend, so it’ll be put back by tomorrow.” Wrong-o!

Now it’s sitting in my office.

While I appreciate the convenience of the “office toilet”, it doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy as the doors are glass, and the sink is still all the way in the bathroom.

Plus, I’m having trouble getting it to flush now.
Could be due to the move? :wink:

I have to ask. Telling me to not ask is like begging me to ask. Why are you getting a shower?

That would involve divulging company secrets that would get me fired!

Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip.

I lnow! The shower is to clean the rented music, right? Don’t know if it will work on Rap though. :confused:

Just imagine a river flowing… can you hear it? Don’t know about you, but it makes me what to pee. :smiley:

Poor harmless, I feel your pain! Once I woke up in my own rented room (lived in a house that was converted to a quasi-apt) and stumbled to the bathroom half-asleep only to find that there was a giant hole in the ground where my bathroom floor used to be. (I only barely stopped myself from falling in!) The toilet was gone; the shower was still there, but I would have had to jump the hole to reach it and I am fairly sure it wasn’t in working order. I didn’t have access to the shower for a week! Thankfully, we had a half-bath so I didn’t have to find creative places to pee. In the meantime, I just snuck into my old college dorm to shower. Some sort of notice from the landlord would have really been nice, but then again I was only paying $130/mo to live there, so it was hard to complain.

So it was intentional, as in the landlord was remodeling but didn’t tell you about it? I ask because of friend of mine had a similar experience in a super-cheap student rental house, except in her case, the toilet fell through the floor when she sat on it! And it was a pier foundation house, so it literally crashed to the ground. She had to catch herself on the edges of the floor as she fell through it.

Yes, it was intentional. He was putting in new flooring. Not sure what else he did since nothing seemed to be broken in there the day before.

Your poor friend-- what a nightmare! I hope she wasn’t injured.

Maybe the shower is to make it easier to commute to work by bike.

More employers should catch this wave !

What makes it worse is that we are located directly under a restaurant. So all I hear all day is running water from their pipes.
We just moved in a month or so ago and water leaks everywhere (which means no one will notice the extra puddle or two :wink: ).
They are kind of jerks up there and we work 1 employee in the store at a time so I try to limit the bathroom borrowing until absolutely necessary.
I actually have to lock the store, put a sign “back in 5”, and run up a hill to their store (we’re located at the bottom of a slope) all the way to the back where the toilets are located to have some relief.
I was practically running red lights on the way home yesterday. I would love to have to explain that one to a traffic officer! :o

The shower situation is as follows:
My employer rents out the top half of his town house and lives in the basement, which he remodeled to a studio apartment. The basement-apartment has a toilet & sink bathroom so small that you can barely turn around in it. So every day after the gym, he would come to the office to take a shower. Then we relocated to an actual store, which puts him out shower-wise.
So, it was either remodel to include a shower at the new location, or shower at the gym.
I don’t know what he could have against showering with strange, naked men! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, day 2 and counting……. :frowning:


It’s funny you mention that. He takes his bike to and from the gym, but drives a fat-assed Montero Sport!
I guess he can’t take his chichucuachua…chiuwauwaua…lil’ dog with him on the bike so he drives a huge SUV. :wink: