Yesterday Was Mr. And Mr. DMark's 30th Anniversary!

Yes, to all those naysayers who said it wouldn’t work out, we have been together 30 years!
We took the day off from work, went to dinner, played a few machines in the local casino (and actually won!) and then came home, watched someTV and went to bed.
It was a great day!

So, the next time some idiot starts pontificating about losing the sanctity of marriage if queers ever get the right to legally wed, ask them how long (and often) they have been married - and then let them know you know of two guys who just celebrated their 30th anniversary.

Congratulations, DMark and DMarkSpouse! I love to hear stories like this. I reconnected with a college friend who wasn’t out when I knew him, and found out he and his partner have been together a really long time as well. It made me so happy!

Congrats again!

Congrats. :slight_smile: We’ll be at 10 years in May and have outpaced many marriages I know of already.

Always love to hear things like this. Congrats!

It’s not who you love or how you love, but that you love.

That’s awesome dudes! Congratulations.

Congratulations guys !!! Here’s to many more happy years together. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! May you have many, many more!

Congratulations! That’s wonderful.


Congratulations and here’s to the next 30 being just as wonderful as the last! :slight_smile:

It’s people like you what are setting unfair standards for the rest of us. For shame!

Happy anniversary. Hope the next 30 years are as happy as the first.

Awesome! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Happy Anniversary!

Excellent! Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to you, DMark and DMarkHubby! Here’s to the next thirty.

Be advised that somewhere in the Deep South, a shot of Nyquil has been downed in y’alls honor.


Congratulations! Give the hubster a hug for us, would you? :slight_smile:

Well your same sex marriage outlasted my heterosexual marriage!

Mind you my husband actually ended up being gay so I don’t know what that means! Maybe that I’m anti-homo-hetero-marriage??

Happy anniversary!