Yesterday was our 20th anniversary

Not that either of us look that old. Well at least she doesn’t. (My brother during an argument a week ago said “You’d think a 36 year old, uh 41 year, uh however old she is woman could …” She is 51.)

On the one hand, it is a great thing. Few relationships last this long (22 years). There is real satisfaction in it. There is also satisfaction in having been faithful for 22 years. I take great pride in our kids, who happy, bright, nice people. I’ve got lots of true friends, who stand by me, and too little time to do all the things I want.

On the other hand, statistically speaking, I’m just about halfway through my adult life. There is less to look forward too, because some has already happened. (Kind of like the feeling you get when all your Christmas presents have been opened.) I’m very fit, but a good high school runner can out run me, a good middle school swimmer can out swim me, and I’ll never throw the winning pass in a SuperBowl. I’m pretty bright, but not what I was, and I’ll never spend my life doing physics, because I haven’t. I saw 6 beautiful young women on Pikes Peak this morning, and realized realized while leching that I’m old enough to be their fathers.

I think I finally understand midlife crises. Don’t worry, I’m not trading the wife and vehicle in for new models. Just be sure to live your life so that at the end of any 20 year interval you are much more satisfied than not.

Congratulations to both of you. That’s a huge accomplishment.

You’re not who you were. That’s a good thing. You may not be able to swim or run as fast as you used to, but you’ve grown in other ways and have an appreciation of things you probably didn’t 22 years ago.

Growing old sucks in many ways, but the alternative is worse.

Your advice is noted and I will try to follow it.

Belated Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Thank you-s all around.