Yet another crossword thread

Either I’m extremely dense, or there is something wrong with this crossword


is a filled in square, & means not relavant to my question

from left to right, the down clues are:
Singer Cherry (NENEH)
Marceau role (BI?)
lubricated (GREASED)
Scale members (?ES) (RES? BES? CES? DES?)
Park Avenue, e.g. BRICK (?) (I’m pretty sure of the CK and B)
Permeates with dye (IMBUES)
Reporter Bly (NELLIE)
Campus bigwigs (DEANS)

The across clue I’m tring to figure out is Reads (?E?RSES) the only word that seems to fit is HEARSES which isn’t right.
I thought park avenue could be BLOCK, but (?E?LSES) doesn’t fit anything
(DEI is “Agnes ?”) so I’m pretty sure of the “I”
SCAPE is “Painting of a scene”

As per usual, I’ll figure it out 5 min after posting, but if I don’t thanks for any help.


Could “Park Avenue” be “Buick?”

Marcel Marceau played a character called “Bip.”

And thus the clue “Reads” logically leads to PERUSES, which makes RES the answer to “Scale members”.

Thanks all.

So was BIP a stage role? Cause I checked IMDB.
I try to do crosswords unassisted, but after that, all bets are off (dictionaries, google, IMDB, and finally the SDMB)


Res is the plural of re, a note on the musical scale. Park Avenue might be BLOCK. I believe your DEI might be incorrect, the Latin phrase is AGNUS DEI, Agnus with a U, not an E.

Here’s some info about Marceau’s character Bip.

My suggestion of “Buick” for the “Park Avenue” clue was based upon the fact that Park Avenue is a model name used by Buick.

What pinkfreud said.