Yet Another "Identify this Song" Request - this time one without words

This instrumental number was on a mainstream rock release that was out in order for me to borrow and tape-record off of in the vicinity of 1986. Let’s say 88 at the absolute latest. Could’ve been around for quite some time before that.

Obviously I can’t easily Google it, since there are no lyrics for me to search on. Gonna be a bit difficult for me to describe it here either…

Minor key. Languid pace. Mildly techno-synthy but without percussive or space-alien stuff. Easy to imagine someone like James Bond or Top Cat driving slowly down the boulevard in a Packard Twin Six with this playing.

Here is a tiny excerpt, or pair of excerpts about 10 seconds each for a total of 20, which should be sufficiently abbreviated to be inoffensive vis-a-vis intellectual property concerns, but should confirm or invalidate anyone’s suspicions re: whether or not they know of which piece I speak.

Tromontane by Foreigner from their 1978 release Double Vision.

22 minutes! ::audience applause::

OK, Jeff, cue the next excerpt and let’s see if any of our remaining contestants can even stay in this…


Yeah, that’s it. I had some notion that it might be Foghat but that didn’t seem to fit. Guess I vaguely remembered the “F”…