Yet another John Doe question

When the guys who said they were NSA let him keep his cell phone, was that bad writing or did they want him to talk to Karen for some reason?

Hey CP

Who knows whether or not it was bad writing at this point. Seems to have been a dramatic device tho. With all they had done to him, why not have planted a tracking device on him and let him go his own way to find her while they follow him? But, then again, I’ve been boycotting Fox since they dumped Firefly, the bastids. Just happened to catch the last episode of Doe.

To quickly switch topics, any more word on the possible resurrection of Firefly?

I read on that the sets have been destroyed.


My thought was that they had been following him very closely and they wanted him to keep that phone (they probably had the number recorded at all times). What surprised me is how easily the honcho’s gave up.

Still, I was pleased that they were willing to kill off a main character. I miss Firefly- it made a nice 1 - 2 punch with John Doe.

Stupid Fox. :frowning: