Yet another mall shooting

"Serenity NOW!l

The shooter and female victim lived in the same College Park, MD neighborhood–their addresses are only a few streets apart.

Speculation would be that they may have been acquainted from wherever the local skaters hang out or party, but that doesn’t mean they had any real relationship.

No. One of the victims worked with the Serenity Center.

This is a perfect example of why initial media reports of news events should be always taken with some scepticism, as they have no qualms about making up “facts” to sensationalize a “breaking story” .

It’s been quite some time since we could actually trust our news outlets. I wonder if we’ll ever get back to that ?

The Howard County police have released additional information after 6 weeks of investigation

To sum up:

  • The shooter had no relationship with either victim; they were random targets
  • Aguilar became obsessed with mass shootings and especially Columbine and apparently wanted to gain some notoriety with a mass shooting
  • He apparently realized he was having mental issues. He told a doctor he was hearing voices and was referred to a psychiatrist, but apparently didn’t follow up. The doctor supposedly mentioned it to his mother, but she says she didn’t recall the conversation
  • In his final minutes, he snapped a photo of himself posing with the shotgun and uploaded it and a message to Tumblr (see link). The police have refused to release the photo

It’s funny 'cause it’s true. Oh wait, no. According to gun rights proponents, it was just another false flag.