Yet another Matrix conundrum

Suppose Morpheus and his merry band of rebels actually do succeed in overthrowing the AI’s, then what? You couldn’t bring everyone out of there pod’s all at once, it would be mass pandemonium. You could imagine the shock value alone would kill alot of people. And if you did bring them out one by one, how would you support all those people? Theres only one city and I doubt enough food to go around for everyone. So what do you do? I say leave em in the Matrix. Ignorance is bliss, they will live out there lives not knowing any different and rebuild from the people that are already out.

But if you destroy the AI’s won’t all the people die anyway? Because if the Matrix is turned off and you are connected to the Matrix… you are just shutting down all those humans attached to the Matrix as well. It took so much just to bring Neo out and get him to some semblence of normal (muscle co-ordination, breathing reflex etc)… and they did say that they try to keep it to younger people because they adjust easier. An adult mind is often locked into patterns and it will subconsciously refuse to accept this ‘new world’, often killing them if they cannot adjust.

So turning off the AI’s (or destroying or whatever) will just cause deaths en mass IMHO.

Maybe Neo’s flying-around antics and such will have lots of people questioning reality… Perhaps there will be millions of converts who’ll realise the truth be able to release themselves from the matrix more slowly (or somthing) and then help other people to do the same. I don’t think Revolutions will end with everyone waking up, only there being a way to wake everyone up.

just because the AI’s are destroyed doesn’t neccessarily mean the matrix will collapse. The Matrix is a program that doesn’t specifically require the AI to exist. AI = the suits, Matrix = program. so, assuming the humans have enough powerful machines to keep it running (or, have a way to simply rid the already existant machines of the AI, while preserving the matrix), the matrix could continue until all the people in it would die. in the end though, mass death would seem to be the only logical answer, but they’ll probably be some magical way around it.

True… the program can still run when the intelligence is not behind it… but even if the people don’t die when the AI’s are turned off a good majority will die when they are ‘brought out’ for the same reasons I stated above. Their minds can’t adjust to it, their subconcious was taken over by the program itself, they didn’t need the lower brain functions of remembering to breath and eat and such. It was all done for them.

Many would die though. Honestly how many people could be taken from their seemingly sane little world and tossed suddenly centuries into the future on an earth they had no clue existed? That alone would cause a certain amount of people to just curl up and leave this plane of existance. Others wouldn’t be able to adapt etc.