Yikes Houston! Bill's comin' to town!

Tropical Storm Bill, that is. Landfall right here in the 'hood tomorrow night.

As with Allison two years ago, this one popped up overnight.

I hope he doesn’t stay.

Looks more likely that it will reach land in Louisiana. We would be on the good side of the storm. An eerie, cloudless calm.

NOAA has a good page too

Woohoo, storm!!

Oh damn… I am going to be at work tomorrow night.

Any chance we’ll get some rain in Dallas? :slight_smile:

Oh, freakin’ hell. I have to drive to Corpus for a funeral on Tuesday.

NO ALLISON REPEATS. I was on the third floor of a hospital in the Medical Center when Allison came through, and I WILL NOT be sitting in the damp, hot clammy confines of Houston with no AC ever again, for the rest of my life.

(Yeah, they put me in another hospital, yeah, I got over it, but 36 hours with no meds or electricity and very little water or nutrition was a big setback.)

You Texas folks are getting off the hook this time. Unfortunately, that means that us drowned rats in South Louisiana will be swimming to the surface, wondering where the Ark is.