Yikes! It's Ike!

Link below updates regularly.


From what I heard on the radio, if a Great Lakes/Ohio Valley trough moves fast enough, it will deflect Ike away from Florida.

If it doesn’t, Florida will get hit…and it’s a Cat 4 now.


I’ve been watching Hanna and her sisters (please excuse the pun.)
Ike looks absolutely ferocious.

Hopefully, Ike will burn himself out in the open ocean before he threatens any land masses, if he expends all his energy in the open ocean, he may be no more of a threat than a tropical depression by the time he makes landfall

I (don’t) like Ike!

Oops, just checked the linked NOAA graphic, Ike is a lot closer to land than I expected, this could be a bad one

Impeach Ike!!

Yeah this 1-2-3 looks so dangerous. Are they all looking like East Coast hits?

I know :frowning:
It’s looking horridly big and the perfect little destroy-everything-in-its-path hurricane. Some of the computer models says it’s coming directly towards me (southeastern Florida).

Nothing says ‘summer’ like lugging around shutters, no electricity for weeks, floods, long lines at the service stations, and that wonderful feeling of panic :smack:

hanna and ike at this time look like they are heading for eastern shore fronts.

josephine they are not sure of right now.

Where are you (approximately), Open Your Eyes? We’re just south of West Palm Beach and east of Rt. 95. At the moment, next week is looking like evacuation time for us. If not north, then certainly west. Yikes.

I’m at the most northern part of eastern Broward county. Sounds like we’re pretty close, Vix.

My mother was, in fact, saying something about going west if Ike decides to come. I’m totally going if it involves an awesome hotel and pool access :smiley:

I’m debating whether to evacuate. I was here for Jeanne and Wilma, but I think Ike is going to be worse.

Ugh, Wilma! That was one horrible week without electricity, water, food, or plumbing.
Luckily enough, a few days preceding the storm were oddly very very cold so a/c wasn’t necessary.

I will never forget the last meal I had before I got back electricity: a very stale pop-tart with room-temperature powdered milk from a thermos with water approximately seven days old.

Luckily I anticipated at work, and got my team working ahead, so when official word came down, we were pretty much ready.

We’re caught in the middle between engineering “We Need to Bug Out Now” and sales “But We Need to Make Money” and at this point, all I can do is point the VPs at each other and let them fight it out.

At one time, I could look up from my house and see one of the “forecast paths” for Hanna directly above me, but now it looks like North Carolina may get it instead. I’ve been here for about 11 years, and they ALL moved into NC around Wilmington.

Apparently, God HATES Wilmington, especially during hurricane season.

Bonnie in 1998
Floyd & Irene in 1999
Kyle in 2002
Bonnie & Charley in 2004
Ophelia in 2005 (didn’t hit, but got close enough)

Just think of the VP Battle as free entertainment. :slight_smile:

The managers in my company are taking this storm seriously. We’re expecting to miss at least one day next week, more if we lose power. Fortunately my coworkers and I met all of our deadlines at least a week in advance. We’ve gotten so good at this that it’s almost scary.

Are you kidding me? This will be fought out over phones behind closed doors, not in the middle of the hallways in front of us peons, more’s the pity. I’ve only overheard one knockdown-drag out fight and that VP is no longer with the company.

I followed this blog throughout Gustav and found it easy to understand and informative. User comments follow the main blog post; many of those users are weather folks who post details you won’t find in major media weather reports.

that’s what happens when you stick your nose out in the ocean. when you go further north, conn. and r.i. get the undercut on the new england jaw.

I’m keeping my eye on Hanna and Josephine. Hanna’s on track towards the Mid-Atlantic, and if Josephine continues in a somewhat straight line, she’ll be right behind Hanna.

And folks are astonished I choose to live in volcano and earthquake country.

A sincere good luck to all you Coasties.

Uh oh. :eek:

The landfall line this morning for Hanna has moved BACK over my house (OK, just to the right, but that’ll do)!!

My main concern, though, remains Ike. If it takes a Northerly turn, ouch. Two of the 5 computer models show a northerly turn BEFORE Florida.

I’m almost beginning to think I should possibly consider maybe asking my husband about buying some hurricane supplies. Sometime.