Yogi Bear finally hits rock bottom! Film at 11:PM!!

Cite, cite. . . CITE!

Aw man, if I had been at this campsite, I would have cracked a can or two with the offending ursine–I would have been gracious enough to share a beer with the guy before he passed out!!

This ought to be proof enough that even the wildest elements can be tamed.

Known as The Homer Simpson Gambit.

Yeah, but all they caught was a Kwyjibo.

So the song *God’s Own Drunk * comes to life.

By the way, I remember hearing in the '80’s about a bear which happened upon a cocaine filled backpack dropped in a national forest in Georgia by a smuggler. The bear ate the contents of the backpack. And died.


Frikkin Bear-Swine!
Wallowing around drunk!
Boozing it up!
Missing working!
Not making his alimony payments!
Oughtta send all them Bears back where they came from!
Damn drunken Bear.

LOL I love this story. Curse you for posting it first! :frowning:

Any guesses as to where they’ll relocate him? Sounds like a born college mascot to me. :smiley:

Though I like beer, I don’t drink enough. It’s just not one of those things that I usually pick up at the store. When I do, I like to get what I know is good; like Guinness Stout or Longboard Lager. So I’ve never had Rainier or Busch. After reading the story yesterday I wondered: Is this an endorsement of Rainier? Or do bears prefer bad beer?

Sadly, “A fed bear is a dead bear.” When people feed bears, or when bears learn that food (and, apparently, beer) is available at a certain place, they tend to return to that place. If relocation is unsuccessful, they are often shot. :frowning:

Tsk tsk tsk… and he was underage too. :smiley:

I’ve never had Rainier, Johnny, but it’s well nigh impossible to get worse than Busch, unless it’s Utica Club or Nickerbocker. I’m guessing the bear went with the superior choice.

Think "coors without taste’ and you have Rainier Beer. Maybe a notch (maybe) above Busch! Too bad he didn’t have one of the local Seattle Microbrew beers there–that truly would have been a happy bear :stuck_out_tongue:

But now that I think of it–Rainier Beer did have some cool commercials in the 80’s and 90’s–too bad the beer didn’t match the quality of the commercials.

I believe it was Ranier where two night workers at the brewery were having a pissing contest, arcing streams over a light into the beer vat until one’s stream made the light explode and scorched his gonads. T’was the last day I ever wrapped my lips around one… or was that Oly?

That’s how the camper escaped. When Mr. Ursus came out of the woods, the camper simply set the booze on the ground. He then said, “I bear beer, bear.” and hauled ass.

Oh, wait - this wasn’t the pun thread, was it? And I stole the pun from Spider Robinson anyway…

This story presents such a terrible conundrum for punsters:

Is it better to work with bear/beer or bruin/brewin’? Is it too much to use both?

And am I really the first one to reference The Bear Who Let It Alone?


The Kerry campaign will stop at NOTHING, will they!!!

Book 'em, Lou. One count of Being A Bear.

And, of course, the logical conclusion. :smiley:


One must wonder what’s going through the heads of the advertising execs at Labatt’s.